A Libra man broke my heart. Advice?

  • My last relationship was with a guy who's a Libra sun/ Cancer moon (Birthday 10/10/82. Mine is 8/13/88 if that helps any.). We had been good friends before and he had liked me since he met me. However, a couple months into our 'relationship' he started acting distant. Instead of constant communication on his part he suddenly wasn't talking to me much at all. When I confronted him he told me we needed to stop talking the way we were because he probably wouldn't be moving back and long distance wouldn't work. When I got upset he told me he'd always still be there as my friend, however, a couple days later he stopped responding to me altogether. Skip to a few months later and he's moved back to town. He never told me about this, I found out from a friend of ours. Every time I've seen him in person he's blatantly ignored and avoided me. My friend says when bringing me up in conversation he doesn't react at all. I've read that Libras run from confrontation, but I know finding out what happened and getting my closure is the only way I can move on. Does anyone have some Libra insight? If any of this behavior could be related to his sign, or what the best way to handle this/talk to a Libra. Advice is greatly appreciated.

  • As a Libra myself, I can tell you that it is extremely hard to tell someone anything that I know they may not want to hear. For example, I have an admirer that is extremely handsome, fun, humorous... Yet, as hard as I try (for fairness and all) I just cannot feel that spark, or passion that this man feels for me. I hate to break his heart. I don't want to loose him from my life. So where can it go from here? A strictly platonic friendship is beyond at this point. So In my unease to be decisive, I just let him know I'm not ready for ANY relationship. This is a lie. I just can't say no. So I leave everything open and dangling. This or I would just ignore him all together because I am a selfish ass. So there you have it. He is beyond explaining, mostly because he just doesn't know anything except for the fact that it will never work between you two in his eyes. Sorry to be so harsh. But anyone who avoids you only makes you feel invisable, and beautiful girl..... You must NEVER be ignored!

  • Thanks for the support SlickeryG. It is very possible that's what's going through his mind, but I feel like after being so close to someone you could respect them enough to tell them what's going on, you know? And this was a guy that was always EXTREMELY honest/blunt/forward about what he thought. I don't know how to deal with people who run from confrontation, because I need it to move forward.

  • Im sorry to say but from what you posted I think he just doesnt want to continue or could it be he found someone else?

    I too am not a believer of long distance relationships and I've been in 4 of them and 3 were a pain in the ass till I met the last one and I fell in love with her so deeply that I would have gone around the world to see her every time. It was magical. but it was not meant to be.

    I too need closure to move on. Its not easy to get it sometimes. email or telephone..any response?

    sorry I cant help on confronting a Libra, im a Virgo.

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