Revelations in Life..For the Captain

  • I'm not certain you remember me, but I wanted to share this with you. I stepped away from the forums months ago, not for any particular reason as I often enjoyed the shared advice and opinions of others, including yourself, even though at times we disagreed, you were correct on things I shared with you.

    Much has changed in those months. I made sense of my relationship and remain with the man you once told me was the one who would make me happy. Deep down I had to know that., I was derailed for sometime and not able to see that. My eyes are open.

    On April 20th, I let my son go after spending eight days in the hospital knowing he was never coming back. I was grateful to have those days. I miss him and continue to celebrate his life, rather then mourn his passing.

    I believe that everything happens for a reason, whether we understand it or think its unfair. It is what it is, however sad. He was resuscitated after being without oxygen for over 25 minutes due to cardiac arrest. The paramedic/firefighter that arrived, looked down at him and realized who he was. He knew him well, otherwise, he would have stopped CPR (according to field protocol with cardiac arrest), five minutes is the window of time given to revive. He wouldn't stop until his heart came back. This was the first of many things to happen as a result of this. It's meaning.

    After two days of hope and looking for a miracle, it was to late and he damage was done. His brain was dead but his organs were still alive. He became a donor. Three males, ages 61-64-45. He gave them the gift of life. I heard from the right kidney recipient, same name as my son who also lost a child (daughter). Then a letter from the liver recipient. he to lost a son.

    Three weeks ago, a daughter was born..his first, my third grand child and only girl. His sister always wanted a girl and if not, always hoped he would make her an Aunt, the little girl she couldn't have. This precious gift looks just like him, he would be so proud and I believe he is. I tell everyone, he may have left, but he came back a little girl. He had a purpose. Your thoughts are welcomed.

    Thank you for reading...

  • Good for you for donating your son's organs - he would really appreciate that you gave the gift of life to others on his behalf. That is inspirational to all of us.

    Though you have undergone this deep pain and suffering, you seem like a person more at peace with the world and understanding of life since we last spoke. The restlessness I sensed once seems to have gone from you. Your post radiates spirituality. Good for you!

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