What should i do? Reading please.

  • I have been through a lot in last year, feel like giving giving personal relations a wide berth,, Think it might be best. Would like some advice please.

    D.a.b 16/04/72.

  • I think that no matter who you are this is always a very good (and for some people, very hard) thing to do. Relationships can cause a lot of emotional and mental strain that one can only repair through self growth. True happiness is when you learn to make yourself happy. And another important note, one can't force love to happen by going out and looking for it. I think that making a decision to put yourself first and detox from romantic relationships is a good idea, and in the process something lovely and unexpected may pop up.

    A lot of the aries I know aren't very good with being alone. Which is a shame because they are so independent minded, and have a lot of progressive energy that is better focused on themselves than in relationship dramas. Good luck to you 🙂

  • I had been on my own for years, and through a derision, i made to go on line- dating over year ago, brought around, a lot of issues, that iv dealt with.

    I have got my self back, i see i know how guys treat others, but when it comes to me im not so good..

    just wanted to be wanted, that in its self blind me a bit, i wont wear my heart again too easily.

    There a world of difference between seeing yourself get the gratification again to remind you of your passion.. to try for true love..

    Im done there, like to start my social net work now just to get out meet people hope make friends along the way.

    I see as i always felt with on-line dating, you cannot beat the natural way.. if it meant to be it will be.

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