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  • We've communicated before regarding unexplained experiences. Here's another that I wish I understand. In April I dreamt of a month, date, and year. Someone in the dream gave it to me as something to remember. I can't reveal the date just yet but it is not a b-date of any of my relatives and friends. it is not memorable event> It isn't anything I would value. The next day I remembered the date. I went to work as usual and in the afternoon I was going to process the papers of a job applicant who I planned on offering a job. When she presented her IDs I was surprised that her date of birth is the very date I dreamt of. I double checked by asking her if it is her b-day and she said, "yes" with a big smile. Here's what concerns me. Why did I dream about the b-day? It was so exact and who ever gave it to me seemed like someone I could trust eve if I don't know him. What does it all mean? Anybody who has comment is welcome.


  • The dream date might not be meant to be significant to you personally. I believe it is just a sign that your psychic senses are opening up, especially when you are asleep. You foresaw a date that you would see in the near future. It indicates that when you are very relaxed, your psychic ability releases itself.

  • And the person in the dream who gave you the date was probably your spirit guide.

  • Thanks, Captain. I do encounter all sorts of dreams. Sometimes I don't know who the people are. Sometimes they are unrelated to my real life. But there were dreams that actually happened in real life, or close to the dream. I find myself saying I've seen this before. If I'm psychic I don't know how to use it. In fact, when I wake I just wonder and don't know what to do with it. You must experience this a lot. And, what do you do? I am curious about this psychic thing. Any suggestion?

    On another note, remember that you gave me a reading about a special friend I had not seen for at least 30 yrs. He thought I died and reuniting was so much more special. Yes, what you said all happened. We're taking it slow. There is longing for each other and we both say it to each other. For quite a while now I haven't heard from him. He did prepare me by admonition of his strong feelings, which I believe. But I haven't from him for a while. Its either restrictive work or his family or both. Anything you tap on your end?

    Thanks for all of your help.

  • If you work on your psychic ability, you can use it to help others who may not be seeing life so clearly.

    Your old friend finds it difficult to multi-task, to have a relationship with you and to balance his working and family life. He feels pulled in so many directions, thinking that so many people want something from him, and it is stressing him out.

  • Captain,

    Thanks for your advise. How do I work on this ability? Should I seek training? I have reservations about undesirable possible encounters. It might be a myth or may not. I just don't know the territory. I certain want to help others. Any further advise?

    Regarding my friend, I think our connection is special but I have to leave everything up to him as to where he goes with it. As you said over a year ago, "it is special but if it is hard for you it is so much harder for him." It is all true. He accepted a job that is huge and somewhat public - very demanding. HIs marriage crumbled long ago and now so much more testy. He loves his family. I refrain form saying anything about it because I feel its all his to decide. When he doesn't connect I do not connect so that he would have all the privacy he might need even if he doesn't ask me to do that. And now there is silence but I don't want to ask why. Somehow I feel its not all what he wants to do. I just wonder if he thinks I have given up, which is not the case. I am simply giving him the space he might need even if he's not asking for it. Anything to advise me with?

    Sorry, I have two major problems going here. Again thank you for helping me.

  • You need to pass onto your family and friends any impressions about them you might pick up that could be helpful to them. Ask then for feedback to see if you were right. I don't believe it is useful to see into the future because it can change so quickly. I believe we must use our abilities to help those in the present who are struggling. The main problem I see in the world is people not knowing who they really are and what they really want, or what they need to make them happy. You can use your psychic ability to gain insights that might help others to understand where they are going wrong, to gain clarity.

    You are right to just leave your friend alone - he can't take any more responsibility or stress at the moment. He needs to sort out his priorities but for now he is trying to be everything to everyone.

  • thanks captain. I'll try your suggestion about developing psychic ability. Did you ever experience giving advice and you were wrong?

    Regarding my friend, I'm biting the bullet.

  • Of course, I have been wrong - that's why it is necessary to get feedback from others to tell you when you are right so that you get familiar with the process that made you right. You also need to know when you are wrong. The times you can be wrong are times when you use your emotions or thoughts to work something out, and not your intuition.

  • Ah intuition must be the key which is hard for me to filter through my mind that sleeps only when I sleep. That is probably why I have vivid dreams. the problem with that is that people cannot talk to me when I'm asleep. A catch 22 in terms of helping people. I am thinking that i'll open a thread on here and see where it goes. But, do you see if going on training with a psychic would help? I see postings for classes on the subject?

  • You can go with a professional psychic as long as they are genuine and not just after your money. But it's really only practice and feedback that will help your ability to grow.

  • I started a thread called Psychic workshop and got a few people. It is a very interesting experience. I got some points right and waiting for others to comment. What's even more interesting is that I never considered how intuition functions. It seems like all of it is brain function. To actually catch intuition takes discipline. I took a shower with one of the questions because I felt like I was analyzing. Its exhausting, too. HOw are you able to go from one person to another.

  • You have to remain objective and not be sucked down into other people's problems because then you will be unable to help them.

  • Captain,

    Thanks for the advise. With less than 24 hours into this, there is an awful lot to learn. I have to work on trusting my judgment, too. Overall, it feels good to be useful.

  • Captain,

    A week into this, I feel suddenly, a lot of information is coming to me. It is overwhelming for sure and I pause when it gets to that point. It is not easy to do in the sense that my analytical ind gets in the way and a struggle happens. But your messages are so clear and feel so sure. I don't have that confidence (yet). I don't even know if I could hack this even when it seems 80 % of the time I've been told I'm on the right track. It is exhausting for sure.

  • It's only exhausting because you struggle against it, in case you are wrong. Try believing your own intuition, and accepting and relaxing into it.

  • Captain,

    I guess you're right. Thank you.

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