My kitten passed away.

  • Her name was Tyche, after the goddess of Fate. (Also sometimes known as Vortumna.)

    This is the first death in my life (out of two major deaths) that I've felt with such an intensity, which is amplified by the fact that I hadn't seen her in almost a month and I will not get to see her ever again. She's the only animal I've ever owned that I had all to myself and I loved her immensely.

    I feel sort of lost, now that she's gone. Lost at sea. I'm here to ask for a reading, of any kind, to give me some kind of nudge in literally any direction. Maybe to even find out the fatidic reason that I'm not allowed to be with her anymore.

    I named her Tyche for a reason, and I feel her dying was her last push on my wheel of fate, and she's pushing me somewhere magnificent, and unknown.

  • lightningshaman,

    What a beautiful name you gave her. I feel she wants to say thank you for loving her and she is around you now in spirit and feels your saddness. She will come to you in dreams and also you may feel her near by in your bed, as I felt that at times she slept at your feet. She taught you the meaning of love for an animal and how to feel a deeper kind of love (attachment). In spirit she will be taken care of for a short time by it feels like an Aunt of yours in spirit. The woman has dark hair and seems slim and refined in her ways. She will than go to her animal kingdom and a wait your return home to greet you upon your arrival.

    You will have another cat that will be given to you in the next three months, feels like a male this time . Black and white cat is what I am feeling. May be around 1-2 years old.

    The saddness will pass and you will be happy again with this second cat.


  • one of the strongest connections I lived, when I was much younger then now and i didn't believe in spirit or anything at that time, was with my cat too. When he passed away, I had a trauma. I grieved a lot. left the job.

    he appeared two times to me. Ones in waking reality and then in my dream.

    in the first occasion, it was the same day he passed, he just appeared in front of my eyes, while in the street walking, in front of a church that was at the corner of my block. I quickly blinked my eyes in a jest of not believing what I was seeing, and it wasn't there. it was just a second real of him. I thought I was going crazy.

    in the second time, one week after his passing, he came in my dream, in a beautiful sunny valley, orangey, just like the paradise would be, and spoke to me. he had an elegant and proud type of walk, (as in the real life that I haven't seen to other cats) and he told me: how are you doing, I am doing good, don't worry for me. he seemed careless, caring and funny. AMAZING !! he said it in words, and left me puzzled in the morning. I went on and made a paint of that dream. it is still in my memory, very strong today. it relaxed me indeed, but I never stopped missing him, whatsoever.

    I had other cats, and dog, but nothing could replace him. STRONG CONNECTION.

    I never thought a cat could be that SMART and DEAR as he was. He only couldn't speak. But I understood his body language, even the most subtle one.

    I feel your pain, but your cat is in a good place by now and she very much wishes you to not cry for her, because it causes her sadness. keep her memory in your heart, and rest in peace because all is as it should be and just keep looking for a beautiful tomorrow !!

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