The Leo Freeze

  • So I'd been talking to a friend of mine a while about about signs, and she brought up her biggest problem with Leos, which is, when you're in the presence of a leo they have a way of making you feel AWESOME and like they're really interested in you and then as soon as they walk away you're left with this feeling that they were just faking it and they don't actually care about you. (My response to that "wait, I thought that was a scorpio thing?") but since I'm a leo I kept this on my mind for a while and thought about it again when I realized I have no close female leo friends. I know some, and they're really awesome and excited to see me in passing but its one of those "oh we should hang out some time" kind of thing that never happens.

    I don't intentionally try to treat people that way but now I'm wondering if it's just part of our energy, to walk away leaving people thinking our warmth was just a show. Has anyone else come across this or know how to avoid it?

  • im A leo and i do that to acquantances too. I dont mean to. I sincerely mean when i say we shoule keep in touch/hang out. I have noticed that i stick to my tried and true friends (not trying to say the other people i know arent good friends or people). I find it hard to feel like i really connect with people and the ones i have i tend to invest the most time in.

  • Ah, I know what you mean! It's really hard for me to connect with people. I know a lot of people and think a lot of people are great but when I'm going through my head thinking of who to hang out with, I generally stick to the ones I already have that connection with, because it's like... it takes a lot more energy out of me to try to be around someone I don't know well. I mean, obviously it does happen that I turn aquaintences into strong bonds. Perhaps it's a leo thing, or a fire thing. Also, i've always envied my water sign friends for being so 'accommodating' and being able to get along with just about anyone, where as I start nitpicking at things I don't like about people right away.

  • My leo friends are amoung the wittiest people I know, always make me laugh. I"m cancer but have leo moon, not sure how much it affects my personality, it seems a lot at times. My boyfriend is a leo, hes so quiet most of the time.

  • @bluecat thanks again for your help a bit ago 0 @laleo i only know one other leo and he is really outgoing and he tends to hang out with everyone. But still has his main friends.

  • Your welcome:) I don't know if I was that much help:) My boyfriend is so quiet, he has friends but they all go way back. Question since theres leos hanging on out on this topic, if a leo man compliments you, do you think they are being sincere? or just friendly or nice? or if they seem to be going a bit out of their way to get to know you better? Is that usually genuine?

  • Speaking from experience and what I've heard other Leo's say, we're only gonna open our mouths when we mean it. Since we wear our hearts on our sleeves we're really bad at faking things and lying. So if a Leo man gives you a compliment, he probably means it 😉

  • Thanks laleonazul, I'm happy to hear that:) I never met anyone that can give a compliment like a leo, I was totally flattered , coudl defintly feel the warmth you leos give off!

  • i honestly i have never heard my leo friend tell a girl something he didnt mean. In fact he doesnt give compliments freely. So i would have to agree that he probably did mean it. And it helped to have an unbiased opinion. i will admit that everything is up in the air still lolm

  • Up in the air with your taurus?

  • Oh i got to add to that.. yes totally .. up to you!1Never dated leo, but i now some

  • I am a Leo and I think this true to a point...people that i am not so close to yes i may act this way but not even knowing so...but with family and close friends it differs... I still love being a LEO lol

  • @bluecat yeah the taurus

  • I see, I hope hes not jerking you around!

  • its more like we are trying to be friends with each other but there is something. We dont do anything but hang out now when we do see each other but a lot of cat and mouse stuff in my opinion. Meaningful or not is the question.

  • Did you ask him?

  • no not yet. I was planning on asking him the yesterday because we were going to go eat but we had an argument. He made a comment i felt was rude and had hurt my feelings since i took it personally. I cussed him out since i felt attacked and hurt and we never went. I know now i over reacted about the comment. Havent heard from him or seen him since which i dont expect to.

  • Oh, I see. I'm sure he'll get past it, if he makes rude comments he's probably atleast somewhat aware of it,a nd it probably isn't the first time hes been called out for it. The one thing about tarurus that I see that is difficult, some will stand their ground in an argument even if they know deep down they might have been out of line, it can take a while for the apologies to come. If you approach him and let him know you felt you overreacted he might meet you half way.

  • Oh this the shorts at the restaraunt argument? hmm, I commented on that on the other thread, about taurus'. I can see your point lol I would walk out the door in what I was comfortable in as well, but they will get on to you about it lol! My daughter is taurus, she is "fashionably late" a lot!

  • yeah.that is the shorts thing lol. Being fashionable must really be a taurus trait. Its funny because i just thought about this but another taurus i know is the same way. Just not sure if he expects the same of other people. It so amazing how different people are. have you read up about tauruses and if your daughtes "behaves" in a typical taurean fashion...not just fashionably late? Lol

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