• OK-- Hi everyone- Not a new member but have been gone a long time frm here... so here goes--

    I'm in love with a man- his bd is Nov. 1, 1978- and my bd is May 14, 1982. Can somene please tell me if Im wasting my time with him, or is Scorpio and Taurus a great match?..

  • Scorpio- they are the most intense of any signs. Stubborn

    They invented the word REVENGE. ( dont be scared on this word) just dont

    crossed him.

    Taurus -Just about have everything possible - Gentle, Steadfast, Stubborn also.

    You should try it you might like it. Its only you who can find out if it will work or not.

  • Little Lizzie

    The revenge is more if she is a Scorpio woman. In general thats one of the traits of scorpios so not to sure of the scorpio man doing a revenge. I have a Scorpio brother who really took his time in getting serious, He was very particular. He dated a lot of women. He said he wont marry until he gets what he wants. I think he probably thinks he is great so he deserves a great woman also. He finally married at the age of 37 & married a Gemini. Everytime we have a family gathering his wife always mentions his stubborness and still stubborn up to this point. You cant change my brothers mind. I know he is very stubborn.

  • Well- my scorpio is the son of a preacher man... go ahead, sing the song, i know you want to... I do all the time.. lol. We have a wonderful mental and physical relationship. Here's the issue... Ive been divorced for 2 and a half years, separated for more than 3 years. He's only been separated for close to 2 years, and has just been able to file for a divorce. (The state that we live in, you have to wait a year after separation to file for a divorce.) Before we started our relationship or whatever you want to call it- we were pretty good friends. We even talked on the phone outside of our normal church meetings as well. We would talk on the phone maybe once a week aside from seeing each other on Sunday mornings, and Wednesday nights, which I would initiate, he never called me, I always called him....... He remembered my birthday and called me the day before, and asked if I could help him do something at his house which he was building from scratch- himself. I agreed to it, and when I got there he was making dinner - he had called my mother and asked her what my favorite meal was- and cooked it himself. We talked for a while as he finished cooking, and just had a really nice time getting to know one another. We have hung out and watched movies, just talked and the sex is great. Fast forward a few months-- Im still mostly the one who calls him, however he has stepped his game up on calling just because he is checking to see how my day is going.... and I was losing sleep due to the issue of me falling for him more and more each day, and not being able to stop thinking about him. I think of him at least 6 or more times a day, of course in true fashion as it may be for me, I have even dremt of marraige with him....... ,

    --Here's the issue..We like each other a lot, but I know he isn't in the same place I am, so I let him know 2 weeks ago that (quote) " I wanted you to know before I went on vacation that; We can't continue doing what we are doing, because it's not fair to you, nor is it fair to me. I like you more than I thought I would at this point, and I'm not sure if you are where I am in life to start the type of relationship I need or want. " (end quote). His response was "I appreciate you letting me know." . So- then I went on vacation. He called me the day before I left and told me to have a fun, safe trip- to call him when I got back. I said I would, and thank you. I left Wednesday the 17th, he called me every single day i was on vacation, except for 1, to ask me how my day was, and how much fun was I having. He called me while I was driving back home, and told me to be safe, and asked me to call him the next day so we could talk. The problem is-- When I called him; he didn't want to talk about anything important-- what I needed to talk about for my sanity... and he has stopped calling me everyday. What is it with this man that he lets me in a little, and I take what I can get from him- nothing more and nothing less, but he continues to shut me out?? I know he has a few trust issues since his ex-wife used to abuse him, beat the living day lights out of him and their baby together. (who is 3 and a half, and just the most precious thing ever; i know you're sitting there thinking, he's probably just trying to protect the kid, but she doesn't even know about his and my relationship. We both agreed not to involve my children, or his child in it, unles it came to that point) I'm having a hard time reading him, and he's like an obsession for me. Im a typical Taurus... I fall fast and hard, and Im trying to be smart and guard my heart.

  • Hmm I am a typical taurean too and I did not fall fast and hard.

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