• I'm just curious, is anyone using the "new" zodiac sign, or using the new dates related to the change in the zodiac signs due to the change in the Earth's rotation? This was all a big deal in the news earlier in the year but I haven't heard much of it since.

  • Ophiuchus falls scorpio and saggitarius. My friend who is a scorpio is upset because her b-day would make her a ophiuchus rather than a scorpio saying that all her life she thinks she's a scorpio and will not switch. Can't blame her. I'm a cappy and will not give it up either.

  • I have always been a libra, but the "new" zodiac has me as a virgo. I will probably always associate my self as a libra, but I do find that I have a lot of the virgo characteristics as well.

  • The 13th zodiac puts me under Saggitarius and it seems that some traits apply.

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