Can someone help with advice?

  • Hi-

    I had been through a lot of big changes in the last year or so. I must say even almost 2 years. And I am hoping that my situation will become stable again. I am currently living back with my mother because of financial reasons. I am wondering if this situation will end soon and i will be able to move out on my own again. I also have a 1yr old son and I cannot really go back to work because I have none to stay home with him if I move out from my mother's house. Therefore I am thinking of an online business. The question is will I make the business successful enough to support myself and my son so I can leave my mother's house? I do not risk too much resources only to realize it will not work out. Besides, I still need more resources for the things I have in mind... and I would like to know how can I find out if there is anything out there that can help me raise more funds... Probably more common sense will be to stay with my mom until I raise the funds I need, but leaving with her is a nightmare for me- because we do not get along at all and she constantly makes me feel depressed,

    Is there any way out for us at the moment. Does anyone has any solution to this problem?

    Thanks for your insight.

  • Correction:

    I mean living with her not Leaving with her.

  • hello out there i was wondering if anyone could tell me if these issues will be resolved, work, home etc my birthday is 4-24-1978

  • Thank you for your response. Can you ask the cards for me? Leo 7/27 (female) & Aquarius 2/7 (male). Hope to hear from you soon.

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