• I'm a Taurus and I'd like some feedback from you guys about us, whether you're a taurus or you know one. What do you like or dislike about tauruses? What do you find is common among them (or just with the males or females)? What are some of your experiences with tauruses? And if you're a Taurus, what do you like or dislike about being one?

    Chart info is welcome! Here's mine:

    Sun: taurus

    moon: cancer

    mercury: gemini

    venus: taurus

    mars: cancer

    jupiter: gemini

  • I'm a taurus rising/ascendant, sun in Aries, moon in virgo. What's your ascendant?

    I find taurian energy to be steady, sensual, dependable, sometimes stubborn. They are also gentle, slow moving to make decisions, lovely voices, want comfort and security in life, want physical comforts in life, want loads of money for security, and they have very strong values. Good lovers. One thing I've found very taurian is they love to feel things with their hands, ie; like fabrics, clothes must feel soft on their skin, bedding sheets must be soft too.

    The only thing I don't find so appealing is the body type described as Taurian: stocky, long or stocky neck, thicker body type, puts on weight if not careful, muscular, can be striking or plain looking. Can be short or very tall, bigger boned. Of course how a person's body type is determined will be influenced by many other factors too.

  • My ascendant is aries.

    I agree with you about the body type thing, and I only see stockiness in less than half the tauruses I know. I, myself have a long neck. Thanks for replying!

  • I am a Taurus, I have a very long neck too!! I find that funny!! Many of the Taurses I know, are very hard workers, determined and intelligent.

  • That is true, and on the flip-side some of us can succumb to laziness. I can be very diligent, but I often won't lift a finger unless I can make a significant difference, or food or money is the reward. Haha

  • can i ask you taureans a question. When or why would you become critical towards a person? Maybe im just sensitive but i was told it would be embarrasing for a taurus "friend" of mine to be seen with me, at a restaurant (not a fancy one), with jogging shorts and shoes and tshirt?

  • Sometimes my friends make comments to me like that, in a half joking manner, or like "I can't ever take you seriously' comments. If your friend is being serious maybe he or she is just a prick. Wear your jogging gear with pride! I don't know a whole lot about the Taurus but I got the impression earth signs were a lot more old fashioned, "down to earth" "this is the way things are" practical AND Taurus is a fixed sign which would make it worse. So perhaps its just this Taurus being "I believe /was raised to believe it's not appropriate to wear such attire out to this kind of setting (a public one and one that doesn't 'match' with the gym) so you shouldn't do it.' Just tell him/her to deal with it.. haha

  • Well, jogging shorts aren't really appropriate for a restaurant. Since it's not a fancy restaurant, casual is appropriate, but jogging shorts are sort of out of place.

  • Taurus are honest , to a fault most of the time, and hard to sway.

  • lol normally i wouldnt wear it but i had just gotten off work and had been painting and cleaning my classroom all day. Maybe he had meant it joking, but i took it as him being critical. I guess we are different if he is being traditional. I would never say that to him because having fun and enjoying each others company is more important than how one is dressed. Just sounds superficial to me.

  • Ah Tauruses stubborn, selfish, self centered beings they are also funny, hard working and loyal until they perceive a hurt against them. very intelligent I will say they keep you on your toes

    I have been around tauruses all my life and have learned to stay out of there way when they get mad or on a mission to get something done. Yes taurusmanconfusing they are very critical about what you wear - my taurus man wont let me wear my what I call my rat shorts (old and comfortable shorts) just to run to the store or gas station lol most of the time I ignore him when he starts ranting about it 🙂

  • Thats true, they do keep up with appearance, even if they prefer simple attire, they don't like anything that looks sloppy, the whole house can go, but do not look a mess lol!

  • My taurus child almost makes us late every day she works so hard at maintaining her appearance, but the clothes are all over the room, like a bomb went off

  • just like my son Bluecate oh and the cologne It drives me crazy as well as his I am right & you are wrong attitude lol

  • will they ever admit they are wrong?

  • lol. The two i know are different. One wont admit he is wrong, ever, and really doesnt want to hear your point. While the other one is willing to listen to you but wont change his mind, just try to understand.

  • very few if any will ever admit they were wrong or apologize - they also have a hardtime in forgiving and they will harp on what ever they perceive you did wrong I constantly have to tell my tauruses to get over it but they still bring what ever the perceive wrong up

  • I remember the exact words of people who offended me in the early 90s. I wish I could forget!

  • My experience with my Taurus brother and ex girlfriend is not good in the admitting to fault department. They are both very stubborn, but my brother is getting a lot better with age. They are very loving and loyal as long as they are 100% happy in a relationship. But If things start to go south they seem to move on very quickly and not think twice about their decision. This is my experience with only two Taureans so please take it with a grain of salt. The ability of my ex and brother to drop people without batting an eye makes me extremely cautious about dating another one. Pride is high in both as well and nothing seems to shake that pride. On the other hand they can be very loving and kind. My brother is not nearly as dependable as my ex was but he is much more forgiving. So my too biggest complaints about my ex and brother is their pride and stubbornness. My ex was also unwilling to do anything she didn't want to do, even if it was something as small as eating something she didn't think she would like, or watching a move that doesn't fit in a genre she is familiar with. In a relationship we at times must do things we aren't thrilled about to make our significant others happy. This is part of life and I must say that it makes me happy to see my lover happy, so even though I may not be thrilled about what we are doing, it's still worth it to me. Relationships are about compromise and forgiveness. If the goal of any relationship is to be 100% happy all the time, it's not a real relationship. Unfortunately many people live in a fantasy world filled with selfishness and delusions of what relationships are supposed to be like.

    If our goal in life is to be 100% happy all the time, we are selfish fools.

  • Thats true cancerman276, they don't seem to look back. I had a very fristrating experiance with an ex taurus like that, they could love you to the ends of the earth but once their done , their done, and they are very in the moment, and not so much in the past, and I don't know if a taurus woudl disagree but I feel like they just don't do as well with long distance, even for a short time, thats really hard on them.

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