S.O.U.L Circle August 28th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Ibelieve,

    The mountain that represents your OM is beautiful.

  • Hi TT,

    Welcome to Soul. I truly hope you find the experience truly beautiful also. Seehorse and Ibelieve explained it so well. I am a mother of a very vibrant 7 year old so sometimes it takes me a bit to find that free moment to post. Blessings on your journey.

    Love and light,


  • NJ and Sunshine glad to have you back. No worries we all have rough waters we travel in life sometimes. I am going through on myself right now with car troubles, and my daughters great grandfather. There is always light at the end of the tunnel....sometimes it just seems farther away than others but in the end there is always light.


    My daughters great grandfather was seriously injured in a car wreck, so prayers are definitely needed. He had a collision with a big truck with a wood chipper on the back which has left him with couple broke ribs, cracked Sternum, broke both hips and one collapsed lung. He has been in the trauma icu unit since Friday but I just found out Sunday. As he is in his 80's and now faces a long hip surgery and putting in a stint in his heart. The family just awaits the surgery tomorrow. I haven't really told my daughter much since she isso young, but I seriously wonder how he will fair this surgery with so many issues with health and his age. It sounds like his mind is coming and going right now as well. I feel much compassion for his immediate family and have encountered a myriad of emotions at this time about the surgery. It is challenging to try to hold light during this sudden storm.

    When I talk to my exhusband which has not been in contact for a very long time, I pick up on the intensity of his families emotions right now. I struggle not to allow them to overwhelm me right now as part of the gift I was given was that of an empath and my ex and I have such a strong psychic connection anyway. I'm trying to make it to my zero or balance point again so I can send more healing light to them, but it is like trying to walk through a flood of strong emotions. Any peaceful calming light you could send right now should help and be greatly appreciated.

    Love and light,


  • Seehorse,

    You flatter me as I don't feel very experienced at the moment. I feel like I am student taking a step in faith hoping the next foot hits the ground. and the road doesn't change where it is located. Again.....

    That is very interesting on the Kundalini...it is very intense energy. The frog makes sense as I am rebirthing right now pretty hard in dead center of the rebirth process. I would compare it to intense contractions of childbirth right now. The contractions getting closer together and more intense. Whatever I am supposed to be releasing, I'm to the point of crying uncle and surrendering to the process of it. Usually there is a plateau point after the release just got to make it there. I know I will feel grateful once I hit the plateau. My physical health is improving which is a plus.

    Funny you mentioned Pink Floyd...I never thought of it...but you know it would be a good symbol for part of what I am awakening to. Here is a thought to ponder....what if reality was like a dream and dream was like reality....somehow the the intertwined like the yin and yang.


    I will see if my daughter can translate the Hindu Om meditation. Interesting thouht.

    Anyone heard from Pisceanhealer, LB or Poetic lately.

    Love and light,


  • GreyStar, our prayers and Light go to Grandpa, you're right this is a difficult situation, the decisive factor will be his stamina and perhaps even more important, the will to live. Whatever happens, he will walk his path as we all do.

    I remember reading somwhere "the minute i declare myself wise is the minute i become a fool. I stop learning or listening to anyone else, i stick to a convenient "truth". And i become stuck"

    I believe It's a good thing to consider ourselves students. I believe it's a good thing to always remember Socrates "i know one thing, i know nothng". That leaves the door open for new wisdom to enter. You know something ? I start to believe there is no difference between the material and spiritual world, they could be just aspects of the Great One, like the two intertwined DNA helixes. One complements the other, one cannot exist without the other. Yin and Yang, Male and Female, Spirit and Matter, Light and Darkness, all aspects of the One.

    I had another thought today. Maybe the "Higher Self" we seek isn't up there or down there or i don't know where but inside us, so it's not a matter of finding a way to "communicate" with them but finding the "key" to unlock the door and let out true potential manifest itself.

    Seems i have too much free time on my hands lately lol.....

  • Hope you have a day of big influences that guide you closer to your dreams!!!!

  • GS,

    Prayers go out for your daughters family and to her great grandfather as well. May he be strong.

    Peace to you and try to get a free minute to clear your mind and do your permeable shield for yourself so you can find your center again.


  • Thanks everyone. I appreciate all of you so much. I am game for meditating for everyone for the first 3 minutes to gain what we all need and want.

    Graystar, I will be praying for Grandpa to make a full recovery and return home to his family.

    You have quite a bit on your plate, and I am sending you many hugs and white light.

    Seehorse, you are the best.....Sending you Blessings and looking for you to hit "the big one".

    Hugs and many Blessings to everyone in the Circle. Be back soon.



  • Yay the big one thanks Sunshine !!!

    hey time now is 1:11

    "1111 Energy flow of water, money, sex, kundalini, magnetic field. It happens when one of these energies manifests."

    i want them all lol i'm greedy....

    So the first 3 minutes go for Circle members wishes to come true if that's ok with everyone 🙂

  • Okay with me SH.


    Love the name and the thoughts! Are you new? I have not seen you around before. Things are a bit slow on the esoteric front here these days but I'm sure it will heat up again as most everyone gets back into normal routine from the summer fun and start of school year for themselves or their kids.

    Are you interested in joining are little meditation circle or just curious (arent we all for the most part)? If so, let us know and we will add you and your timeline (based on earth location).


  • Hmmm....after usurping the Pink Floyd theme as our logo we could steal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's song as our Mantra, you know "Circle-Circle-Circle Power" be sued by them also, go to jail and be....spiritual martyrs, instant publicity !

    I know, i go to my room now....to further think about it bahahahaha

  • After reading this i don't think Esoteric Philosopher will bother to join us lol....

  • To every thing there is a season and now is the time to play...w can get serious on Sunday and Monday.

  • Hello GreyStar!

    Thank you for the warm welcome:) I am looking forward to our time together!

    Also, SeeHorse, praying for the highest wishes of everyone in the group to come true is also a great idea to me.

    Blessings of Purified Source Energy to all!!



  • Thank you TT. You know, i have this thought that the Universe already knows our highest wishes but only manifests the ones that will really help our spirit to evolve.

    Now i try hard to convince the Source that the lottery money will go to charity but it doesn't seem to believe me....

  • LOL!! Seehorse, I couldnt agree with you more about the Universe's knowing all and the "selection" around which ones to manifest!!!!

    I too have been trying to convince the Source regarding my intentions around the lottery to no avail, lol!

  • According to vedic astrology my Karmic lesson is patience (dammit...)

  • LOL!!!

    Still on the same wavelength. Patience Patience Patience!

    Should try it as my mantra.

  • SeeHorse, lets give the first 2 minutes to MyJourney and the next 3 minutes to everyone else's wishes and desires.

  • I hear you Sunshine, let's do it !

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