S.O.U.L Circle August 28th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Seehorse and ibelieve,

    Thank you both so very much for the warm welcome. I am grateful:)

    Society Of Universal Light, I love that!!! The mission/theme of the group is beautiful, so compassionate and selfless. I am looking forward to participating soon πŸ™‚ Could either of you take a moment and explain to me what the following statement made by ibelieve means please:

    "We ground, center and sheild (ourselves and the circle) and then open up to each other and the source and raise the white light connection. Joint and Individual meditations go from 8 to 20 minutes (mine is usually around 10)

    I don;t know what others do but I generally have around a 10 minute prep time (grounding, centering, shielding and greeting of earth, sky, guides and other members)"

    I need help with this, "ground, center and shield" myself?? How do I go about doing this; I imagine it is very important for some spiritually health/safe reasons?? Also, what practical steps/activities should I engage in once I've done the above? Do you recommend I sit or lay down and particular chants required or recommended. Again I'm very new to all of this, but am definitely an open and willing 'student', lol! I feel really silly that I have to ask all these kinds of questions like I should know this stuff already if I'm hanging around here, lol! But hey, what can I say, no shame in my game; I admit, I need the assistance, lol! Thanks so much.

    Blessings in abundance to ya!! Namaste!


  • Well, i can't answer these question TT because as i said the only thing i do before is have a couple of cigarettes ! Now i do realize these things are important but i leave them to the more (or truly) experienced members as IBelieve or Greystar whose prayers and Inner Light protect all the participants. I could research some myself but i'm lazy lol but everyone should do whatever makes him/her feel more comfortable, listening to your gut instinct is most of the times the best way !

    What follows are just my personal beliefs, in no way i claim they are true, just what makes sense to me, ok?

    I believe the more the group attunes to Light the less we have to fear the shadow around and inside us. Even the will to selflessly offer is an important step to real enlightenment, which i think has much to do with inviting the Light to dissolve our inner shadows. To get to know the darkness inside is a scary thing, but absolutely necessary in my opinion for "ascension" which for me doesn't mean go to the 13653th dimension or something but be a better human being, with less "baggages" from this or past lives and more kindness, inner peace and will to help a fellow human being in need.

    I sometimes post in other spirituality forums, in one of them i pm'd another member who posted a very touching thread about childhood abuse, just to chat and offer a sympathetic hand as i had similar experiences. I was very surprised when this person told me not even one of the many self-proclaimed "masters" and all-knowers and "be love" teachers there ever bothered to do that, they were too busy bragging about their awsomeness and 5thdimension awareness to the poor less enlightened inferior beings who looked up on them to find "enlightenment". That doesn't mean all Gurus or Teachers out there are false, quite the contrary, but i consider helping a fellow human being in need immensely more important than a thousand hours of meditation for selfish ascension. I repeat these are just personal views don't necessarily apply to everyone, we'd be delighted to listen to your wisdom and insight, everyone in this circle is a teacher and a student at the same time, we're all here to learn from each other πŸ™‚

  • I do talk a lot sometimes...sorry lol hey people i found this image who i htink describes the concept of the "Universal" Light. Many people with different opinions, beliefs, background, attitude anything, unite their Inner Light, each a different color and this (through a pyramid of course...) produces the One, Whole, Pure White Light !

    (pity we can't use it as a logo, Pink Floyd would sue us !)

  • Ha, most of us are learning all this too. I knew about grounfing and centering but was lost on the shielding at first.

    To ground yourself you become calm and think of your connection to the earth. You can do this by placing your feet on the ground and just feeling that actual connection and then think of yourself as having roots growing from you down and into the earth to hold you and to share essance just as plants do. You do not actually have to be in physical contact thought as regardless of what we are sitting on or however high up you are, there is physically a linking the the earth through the structure. But many to start with need to feel in physical contact so it depends on your visualization abilities.

    Centering is about self. Finding your center (as in the meditation of your navel, etc.) It is about being calm and fully in your self. Balanced. So while you are physically grounded and a part of the earthly plane, spiritually you are not bound by anything. Therefore you find your spiritual center within you. Where you can be just "me myself and I"

    Then before opening up spiritually to the Universe you mentally invision a sheild around you (a bubble of white light usually) and set the intention for you and the connection to be protected from any negativity or negative intent.

    Your intention sets the shield in place but the universe/god/angels/whatever does the protecting automatically in keeping with your directive/intent.

    In this way you are connecting with others and the universe as a whole but only with those like minded energies.

    Don't worry too much about it as we as a group ground (Me good at that but sometimes too much, lol) and we also shield the group as a whole as well. But it is a good habit to form for your own individual meditations if you want to practice it for yourself. (Has lots of good applications in real life as well like calming you and being in the now when you are called into the bosses office so he can't easily set you off balance. You remain calm and ready for whatever!)

    Shielding yourself from negativity at the office is also very handy. If there are people around you who tend to drain you each time they speak to you...just use the shield and they can not suck the life out of you anymore.

    Sit, stand, lie down...whatever you want and what works for you. Try different locations to find out where you can be at peace. I like outside but with winter comming on, I will find a nice window to sit by (once the reniovations are done.)

    Some use crystals or music or mantras. Try it different ways/things and see what different things you get out of it. One of the reasons for doing it every week is to learn what works on a personal level. I like nothing to start with to get a baseline and then mix it up occassionally.

    I have not tried music yet as I get very wrapped up in it so I definitely want to know what is me and what is the music first.

    So to answer your questions...we are all students and learning as we go from ourselves and from each other. Which is why we discuss it afterwards, so we all can learn or be prompted to try different things.

    Not all of it is in the meditation. I personally started getting visions at night after the meditation. Now perhaps I get them all the time but am never really open to them. With the meditation perhaps it is an opening just enough to see what I've been missing all these years. Who knows as it comes and goes. Oh and lucid dreaming which I had never been able to do before as well.

    You just got to dive in, no worries mate.

    PS: newbies with no expectations tend to get farther faster, like Seehorse!


  • Thank you both so very much!!

    I appreciate the energy, advice, insight and instruction πŸ™‚ A little overwhelmed with it all, admittedly, but excited and anxious to participate as well.

    No worries and no expectations πŸ™‚ Thanks again ibelieve and seehorse!!

    Blessings galore!


  • Hi everyone! I have not forsaken the Circle....I am still with you on Sunday, but with all the issues going on in my life, and living in someone elses home for now, I don't have the privacy to do my meditating and grounding, too many people, especially children and noise, etc....I need to hurry up and find my own home so I can get back into things!! 😞 Not on the computer much these days except for a quick stab at posting on forum, and school. Hope to be back soon, missing these great Circle sessions with you all. I am thinking about you all every Sunday.



  • Sunshine, we miss you too ! Seems it's a rough time for many people keep the faith !

  • Hey all- seems like you had a good circle, this weekend seehorse, i did a meditation, but forgot about doing the circle. at the right time Woopsy, lol but i was thinking about you guy's-

    I kind of ran out of time, as i was heading for the bath before i went to my spiritual church, too.

    ill try again next week, i still felt, some calmness, over me though, yesterday, was good. Welcome TT- to the group, and is good to see you on sunshine, and MJ. love you guy's and miss you.

    Hugs Bee/Lotus

  • Yo Bee i see you got promoted again! What's next, Lotus Goddess ?! Hey try to join next week, we miss your spirit πŸ™‚

  • "a white and black energy rise up and turn platinum. Then I saw it turn into a serpent which turned green and floated around. It became energy and went" hey GS i knew that reminded me of something, black and whit could be Yin and Yang energy, and the serpent they became could be Kundalini energy. I was googling for something else and found this :

    "Primeval serpent deities associated with the sun are present in many cosmologies. I see these primeval serpents as DNA, and DNA as two serpents intertwined. Serpent like energy is described in the West as Kundalini. Kundalini is life force energy and consciousness β€œcoiling” (like a snake) at the base of the spine. Kundalini is described as serpent energy because, when awakened, it moves up the spine like a snake moves up a branch. As Kundalini moves up the spine, healing energy spirals throughout the body. Body and soul are life force energy and consciousness. Awakening Kundalini energy means coming to consciousness about the life force inside our bodies. Being in touch with the energy of our bodies helps propel us toward consciousness. Once we awaken to the energy of our bodies we can more easily recognize, access and resource energy outside our physical space."

    And i just realized the rest of your post about a pramid with many colors at the sides and white light emerging from top resembles the Pink Floyd image above ! Food for thought....

    Hope all is well in your life and Grandpa's ok !

  • Hi LP (Bee!),

    Sorry you missed but so glad your meditating anyway. Hope all is well and maybe catch you next week. Miss you.


    The new moon was just last night, so if you did not put your wishes out there, you still have time to do so! Expect miracles! And hope you can join us again soon. We'll hold down the fort though while you get squared away.


    Hope all is well. Sending Blessings, Love and Light to you and yours!

  • Hugs and light to you all! Love you all! Got one quiet moment, so here I am! Ibelieve, thanks for reminding me... I am putting those wishes out there.......

    I am going to fight for my few moments on Sunday. See you all then....... New home, New home......

  • Hey Seehorse, thanks,ill try and be here next sunday πŸ™‚ Love ya.


    and I believe, I miss you too. i'm sure we can catch up at some point.

    Sunshine, hope all is well, wishing you get a new home soon.

    Love to all Bee/Lotus.

  • Hey people i got an idea ! How'bout next Sunday we devote some time (say the first 1-2 minutes) of the meditation to pray for Sunshine's New Home come soon ? It's the new moon, who knows the Universe may be in a good mood πŸ™‚

    "On Sunday night, a New Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo. A time of new beginnings, this New Moon presents an excellent opportunity for us to formulate some goals regarding "all things Virgo". Concentrate on new ways to get your day-to-day life organized."

  • Hey if that works the Sunday after that we pray i win the lottery ok ?

  • But I already have my ticket for this week! hahaha!

    Yeah, I'm good for adding sunshine's wishes for new home next week.


  • The Society Of Universal Lottery bahahaha

  • I realy like Ben Franklin!

  • I really like them bridges, so romantic...

  • Seehorse,

    That is exactly the pyramid of rainbow light I saw. How cool.

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