S.O.U.L Circle August 28th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Time is 04:44 here, everyone have a nice experience today 🙂

  • Hey, I'm awake and ready, lol

    Love the picture. Right back at you.


  • Well it was a little short for me today, about 10-12 minutes. First a very strong sensation at my hands like they were pulled downwards, to be more precise like my energy body was pulled towards Earth, felt like traction came from deep underneath. Little tingling at back of neck (feel this very frequently lately) but little else, felt a sense of loneliness, emptiness, felt sad. After that i remembered we're here to give Light, so the minute i had this thought and started imagining Light coming out of my heart chakra, tingling behind ears started, followed by same sensation at the top of my forehead. For a split-second i saw a very vivid image of a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains, i could almost feel the cool air and the smell of flowers, i was looking from high up one of the mountains down to the valley where i saw 3 very tall pyramids. They were covered with marble, shining in the morning sun, a very glorious sight. The first and tallest had a giant marble eye in the middle of its front side. I don't know how to describe this but the air seemed "full" and "alive" like there was so much energy in that place it permeated everything. The pyramids had roughly the shape of the attached image. Now i know that's too much pyramid talk lol but the whole picture was magnificent ! Apart from this, after some seconds i started giving Light, the pulse came, not very strong at first but getting stronger by the second till it reached a stable intensity and felt like an energy pendulum going from one hand to another, pretty intense. No colors or anything else, had to disengage after this due family stuff (oh yep kids screaming chasing each other braking things climbing on furnture etc etc lol)

  • Namaste,

    Well today seemed to be all about receiving. I pulled an angel card before the session and got “Gifts from God” with the Archangel Sandalphon expressing a call for “opening your arms to receive.”

    As for the meditation itself, it was rather peaceful. There was much more pressure/energy in the left hand than the right (again the receiving hand) and twice during the meditation I had a jumping muscle tick in my left shoulder just as though someone was poking me to get my attention. (It would have been nice to give them my attention but I was supposed to be meditating, lol)

    As I am still in the process of home renovations, I had to meditate in the basement in front of my computer. (Not the best place in the world but away from the distractions of family members) But base on previous meditations outside or in other areas, I now feel the monitor/computer definitely causes some interference. I still get some images but the are fuzzy or incomplete like silhouettes rather than fully formed.

    I receive the images of a Blue Jay:

    “If you have a Blue Jay totem, you must learn to use your personal power properly. Be careful not to become a bully. The word “jay” comes from the Latin word “Gaea” which is Mother Earth. A Blue Jay totem links you directly with the power of the Earth itself. It can link the heavens and the Earth and give you access to universal energies and power.

    If Blue Jay is your totem, you may have tremendous abilities and potential, but you must learn not to be scattered and neglect to develop your abilities to their fullest. Blue Jay people can become dabblers – a little bit of knowledge about many things but master of none. Develop your gifts and you will have unlimited potential.”

    Quite a message for me as I use the phrase about being a “jack of all trades and master of none” ALL the time. Maybe I should change those thoughts!

    I also receive an image of the Capricorn Goat which is not unusual as I am a Capricorn in the fullest sense of the sign. Which is a full earth sign, fully grounded with a tendency to believe what comes through my earthly senses rather than putting faith in the esoteric/spirit possibilities and overcoming obstacles by shear will and strength of self.

    If I could put a bit of that behind me and except the combining of earth and sky as in the blue jay (and the acceptance of gifts/help from above) then it would be a good lesson, more in balance and less of self trials.

    Aqua was a big color throughout but had a tendency to turn muted into an almost fluorescent green.

    Afterward I pulled an Egyptian rune for clarity and got Hapy (reversed) which holds the meaning of: guess what? Being open to receive and then passing on good fortune to others such that prosperity can flow. To release any feelings of inadequacy and to know one is deserving as is everyone.

    Well that was about it. Hoping next week to be outside again and clearer.


  • Ah SH!

    That was probably me (and my mountain goat) grounding you. Sorry, I did open to the sky as well but not as fully. Love the images but did not feel the pulse (other than the attention getting pulsating shoulder muscle.

  • Guys,

    I was running a bit late but there. I have some unusual things I saw. My daughter was helping with the oms.some but I still managed to stick with it. First I say a white and black energy rise up and turn platinum. Then I saw it turn into a serpent which turned green and floated around. It became energy and went then I saw what looked like a crystal pyramid that began moving and shining out a rainbow of colors out the sides and a white light shooting out the top. Then my daughter ended up needing my attention. Oh I almost forgot, I saw a scroll, a phoenix, a horse, and a dog figure. Seehorse...you must still have me thinking unconsciously on this....lol...

    Then my daughter brought me out of it...needing to talk. Funny thing is I was listening to a Hindu OM meditation. She kept saying OM. And time. She said I can't understand the rest of it. I said it is a foreign language that's why. She said mommy I know OM and time but forgot the rest of it. Rather insistent as if she understood its meaning....

    What do you guys think this all means?

    Love and light,


  • Hmm... i liked this :

    "If I could put a bit of that behind me and except the combining of earth and sky as in the blue jay (and the acceptance of gifts/help from above) then it would be a good lesson, more in balance and less of self trials."

    The archetype of Capricorn means to climb high, an upward motion (hey maybe i saw the pyramids through the eyes of a mountain goat !), a creature of Earth reaching for the sky. After all aren't the material and spiritual world parts of the Great Whole ? Perhaps the idea was we should strive to learn from both worlds, we were given a body (or multiple bodies through reincarnations) and a spirit. Again balance seems to be the key element. Now we take the kids to the park while i'm sure IBelieve presents a ton of information about the Capricorn archetype !

    Just another thing : "overcoming obstacles by sheer will and strength of self."

    Where's the harm in that ? If we always rely on Guides, Spirits, Idon'tknowwhat help we never get stronger, we always need that crouch to get going.

  • Funny you said that cause when I was trying to make a timeline jump Friday...I imagined myself as a frog...getting ready to jump...then this swirl of light particles. It's like I had form in spirit the materialized into light particles and then rematerialized somewhere else. Then since then I feel like so much info is coming at me it is hard to comprehend it all but its like pieces are making sense. I think I'm learning to become er one with nature somehow.

    Love and light,


  • Hi guys,

    Just found out my daughters greatgrandfather was in a bad wreck. Please keep him in your prayers today. I'm still trying to find out the details.

    Love and light,


  • SH,

    Yeah no one should rely totally on them...the point was to allow them to help "at least" some of the time. No one is alone or an island yet I fall for it time and again. haha


    Funny you should mention time jumping...I did it subconsciously on thursday as I was running late. I was on my way to pick up my best friend to go see Harry Potter in 3D imax and realized I did not plan the timing very well. I was so afraid that we would not make it to the start of the show.

    Well...as I looked at my clock and realized there was no way I would make it to her house in time to then get to the theater and released it to the inevitable "stuff happens", I realized I was at the turn to her street. I missed about a mile of travel and a major intersection that you can't "not" remember passing.

    As it turned out we ended up with plenty of time to get tickets and snacks.

    Counting blessings.

  • Will do Melisa!

    Still thinking about the OM part.

    Ask her if she can clear up the meaning for you with her interpretation.

  • "Seehorse...you must still have me thinking unconsciously on this....lol..."

    That, or our guides are telling us things, IF we have different guides, IF there are such beings like guides OR we perceive our communion with the Great One as entities specifically assigned to us because it's easier for our limited minds to receive information this way-just think of talking to the Universe..scary huh ? chatting with a single spiritual being, now that's closer to our perspective (just a theory ok?)

    OM...lol i'm such a newbie i'd never googled that hahaha that's interesting :

    "Whenever Om is recited in succession there is an inevitable period of silence between two successive Oms. This silence represents the "fourth state" known as "Turiya" which is the state of perfect bliss when the individual self recognizes his identity with the supreme."

    Communion with the Great One....identity with the supreme...where is this Circle taking us i wonder ?

    Next post will be about Hapi and Heket the Egyptian frog-Goddess !

  • Namaste' sisters and brothers,

    just checking in, though i have not participated in awhile hope to be back in September...I'm feeling so much better:) Better than i have felt in a long time!

    I have left this link for TheTransformed aka TT...

    Hi TT if you arrive here lol.

    Hi, Melisa, hoping and praying Grandpa is OK.

    Brother Pedroooooooooooo, its been awhile you sound good, I hope you and your family had a wonderful vacation together, give the Angels a huge hug from shee in Canada

    ibelieve, hoping to catch up with you soon:)

    love and light to all


  • Hello everybody!!

    Thank you Sheila! I will address SeeHorse since that's who this post was initiated by, but I am open to insight/information from anyone that is part of this group, please 🙂 As Sheila mentioned, she referred me as I had made a brief mention, in another forum, about a group referenced as "S.O.U.L...." and that I'd wondered what it was all about and if, being somewhat new to the whole world of Universal Consciousness and Spiritual Growth, etc, I wondered if participation herein might be beneficial to my Spiritual growth?? I've been coming around this site for quite sometime, but am a bigger 'observer' than 'participant'; am a very private person for the most part. I don't usually talk a whole lot unless I sincerely have something to say and even then I'm most desirous of injecting motivation/inspiration; other than that, I'm pretty quite around here 🙂

    At any rate, I could tell by the forum postings on a 'weekly' basis that you guys get together regularly, but I've not been able to determine what the purpose/objective or goal of these "gatherings" are and how are you going about "connecting" up? Is there a Skype session that you guys initiate or a teleconference; is it an intuitive prayer session, or something else? I live in the US, Eastern Standard Time Zone. Sorry to sound so uninformed on this whole idea, but there's no way around it, like I said, I'm a newbie to the whole Spiritual enlightenment concept, so I am literally, 'uninformed' and open to learning and growing in this regard.

    So with all of that said, any information/instruction/insight that anyone can give is much welcome and appreciated 🙂 Perhaps I could participate, if you will, from time to time 🙂

    I pray you all are blessed with Pure Light and Love and Purified Source Energy!!


  • Welcome TT, to our Circle of Light which of course was not started by me but by your (and our) friend MyJourney !

    Just seconds ago i asked by e-mail another Circle member if she had the feeling the Circle will attract new members, what a coincidence eh ? (if you believe in them...)

    "I don't usually talk a whole lot unless I sincerely have something to say and even then I'm most desirous of injecting motivation/inspiration;"

    You are rare...and MOST welcome in the Circle !!

    "what the purpose/objective or goal of these "gatherings" are and how are you going about "connecting" up?"

    Give some of our Light to the Universe to be used wherever is needed, without asking for anything in return.....but it always gives something back 😉 some of us have exchanged e-mails fro more "private" talks but mostly here on the public forum, no secrets or hidden agentas or anything in this Circle.

    "I'm a newbie to the whole Spiritual enlightenment concept"

    Awww child i, a seasoned Assended Master understands.....now find a MyJourney's thread called "Seehorse an answer to your question" to see how enlightened and spiritually knowledgeable i really am (why do you laugh MJ :P)

    "any information/instruction/insight that anyone can give is much welcome and appreciated :)"

    OK, you're a child of God/Universe/Spirit/whatever and in the eyes of God/Universe/Spirit/whatever we're ALL equal. We're all here to learn from each other, respecting each other and TT, you'll find no "masters" or "gurus" or "teachers" or kings or queens or leaders or self-proclaimed all-knowers here, just simple everyday people who like simple everyday people.

    "Perhaps I could participate, if you will, from time to time :)"

    Whenever you want , for as long as you want, you're welcome 🙂

  • TT,

    Namaste! And Welcome!

    Purified Source Energy, that's exactly what we are all about! SOUL stands for Society of Universal Light.

    We meet every Sunday at the same "Actual" time (so your time will be at 10:00 on sunday mornings, same as me)

    Basically we raise white light from ourselves and "donate" it to the source for its use as it sees fit (whether that be an individual, several or the earth, etc.) In addition, the meditation and connectedness of our selves to the source and each other brings about spiritual benefits as in raising our consciousness and our spirituallity.

    We ground, center and sheild (ourselves and the circle) and then open up to each other and the source and raise the white light connection. Joint and Individual meditations go from 8 to 20 minutes (mine is usually around 10)

    I don;t know what others do but I generally have around a 10 minute prep time (grounding, centering, shielding and greeting of earth, sky, guides and other members) 10 mintues of meditation and then about 10 minutes of writing down what I recieved in insight/feelings as well as pulling a card or rune for clarification of what I received.

    Feel free to join in however you wish. Some have been known to just wake up and do it (myself included on occassion, lol)

    So it is kind of what you feel like and what works for you.


  • And yes SH,

    I thought just the same thing about drawing additional members and some returning when I entered to see your post about frogs...Don't forget now in your excitment.


    So happy to hear from you and that things are going well! Can't wait for you to join us again. I thought about you and others who have had to devote some time to self and the mundane things at the begining of my meditation today as little "Hello, hope all is well and thinking of you." Glad you got the message!


  • Greystar,

    Hope all is well with grandpa and as for your OM and Seehorse's Mountain...Here's a picture of the mountain Om Parvat.

    The snow deposits in a manner that resembles the symbol of Om

  • Hey you guys do all that before the Circle ?! I just have a smoke (or two) lol

    I found some interesting frog stuff, more later or maybe tomorrow because a little more googlin and my wife divorces me lol :

    "To ancient Egyptians the frog was a cthonic animal alluding to the forces which brought life into being. It was the sacred animal of Heket or Heqet (some link her to Greek Hecate) the goddess of birth. The frog must also be mentioned as the companion of the Nile-God Hapi who assured fertility. In the Late Egyptian Period the frog became a symbol of rebirth and was thus adopted by early Christians (this too?!) with the epithet "I am the resurrection"

    Now Hapi symbolized Nile's inundation, a period of flood which we perceive as a destructive event, but one absolutely necessary for the nex't years crops. As with many Egyptian Gods, Hapi stands for the end of a cycle and the beginning of the next, death and rebirth, exactly what the Phoenix symbolizes.

    Pyramids with eyes, Ancient Egyptian Gods, the Phoenix which of course originates from ancient Egypt and not Greece (as is Atlantis...) where are we guided to i wonder....

  • Hey MJ your Lioness, we're so happy to hear you're doin' ok ! A big hug from all of us 🙂 As you can see we keep the weels turnin gurl...hurry back !

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