The Captain &Shuabby can I have some insight I'm getting worried latetly

  • Dear The Captain & Shuabby,

    I am a bit worried to myself cos up to now I had no idea where to settle from the here that I used to leave at the moment or to my native land. I am trying my best to make it clear I'm nearly five years leaving away from home but I open visit my home town if times permit . I am now on my right ages and as an Aquarian . I do always changing my mind. I always wanted to keep my good spirit but sometimes disappointment and stressful life style keeping me down. I now had my big responsibility and lately I was comfortable to handle my financial stability. I do have a bit but my stepmum holding it.. I'm a bit struggling to my responsibility unlike before I can easily settle and clear. But now I can't cover my responsibility in full payment. Sometimes I am not worried but lately I felt sad cos this is not the way I used to be and my family had no idea and as much as I can hide it and deal with it . I will love to keep it . I do admit the I am over spending lately and just came home again from holiday. Is this things will take a bit longer I am worried on my mortgage. And I am desperate to move my biological mum in the new house this year or early next year. I am having problem to my relative who look after to my mum. I honestly didn't feel alright on what I always surprised visit them and now I open visited her and didn't tell yet about the house. I always wanted to give the best of everything to her. I know that she felt so much disappointed in her life that i and my half sister to her grow up with her personal touch and almost abandoned since we were young.I guess this will be my big achievement in my life if I settle the payment and my mum can tell that she is now leaving in her comfort zone.I am asking for insight if I can make it and if my family on my father side is willing to help me if in case I need their help financial.And what life is coming up to me. Do I have a chance to get married here and race my own family cost lately I felt like I want to go back home for good and look after with my mum. Please give me some insight thank u in advance and more blessing and be safe always kisses

  • Hello annielan,

    Your Mother really does not expect you to go home and care for her if that would make you unhappy in the long run. The house payment you will have to meet now either way that you decide or lose the house, perhaps sale it if the burden is to heavy to carry. I do not feel that your fathers side of the family will help in this matter. Talk to your Mother is what I am told to tell you about matters of the heart and get to the truth as to what she wants at this stage of her life.

    You can find love only after you feel more settled in your inner soul as I feel waves of emotion that seem at times feel like you are overwhelmed with . Things are better for you and will get even better if you believe they will. Attitude is all here.

    I feel that after you marry you than will bring your Mother to visit or live with you (her choice).

    I feel many beautiful jade like items around you , white and green mostly.If you do not own them now perhaps wedding gifts in the future.

    You have good warm vibes and that means many good things are coming to you. Please write and let us know just what they are.

    Warm Wishes,


  • Thank you so much Shuabby I always keep my hands cross and pray that all of this things will work out so soon its not for me but for the sake of the happiness of my mum for some reason as a daughter she wanted me to settle down things that she never had since then.I guess your right I may be overwhelming and always in a good spirit so thinks will turn to positive and i feel that I am rich to get all the luck sometimes but I can easily get down receiving and hearing of my mum health and as much as possible I'll see to it at least twice a year to visit her.Unfortunately , I wasn't happy seeing my mum alone and the people surrounds her keep complaining while I get someone to look after with her all they have to do is to support my mum emotionally and I appreciate that cos I couldn't even bother to do that for all I know I had much better life and chance leaving away from home. My relative look after my mum due to money matters I know this is not a nice thing to say but I myself seeing that personally cos i always doing a surprised visit.And i was really eager to have our own place to call our own no one will kick us out or hearing some word of mouth that I honestly make me feel sorry for my mum, And there are times that I couldn't keep but to voice out to them cos its killing me seeing my mum with out and personal touch of our relatives instead telling to my mum that she was lucky to have me that's why she need to get well but in a sarcastic way. i never once complain to anything but after 4 yrs of keeping it . I asked not to talk my mum on that way cos they only makes my mum feel bad. They are really terrible they really good when I was there things that I can't stand anymore . And they know now what my plan for my mum. and yes if someone come along and asking me to be his half and we both happy I always insist if he will married me he will married to my mum too cos for sure no body will refused my mum is nice too easy to get along with. bless u kisses

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