Curious about your Opinion on Reversed Cards

  • For instance: Does the reversed lovers mean the the OPPOSITE of the lovers card, or does it mean that the power of the lovers card is do you all as readers know the different between blocked and a negative or opposite power? As a new reader I understand the meaning of each card but am still having problems putting it all together.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Make the best ,

    I feel the lovers reversed represents rash decisions querant must not rush into anything . sometimes i interpret reversed cards as opposites to the upright ,but now i mainly use my intuition and that can mean something totally different depending on what sort of reading it is .

    How long have you been learning tarot?

    Love, Light and Hugs Loap

  • Keep the faith. Thank you so much for your answer! I've been at it probably since february so all of 6 months. I understand the basic meaning of the cards. but i know that the "talent" of interpreting a read is more in the total read than each different card. So i'm still working on it.

  • Hey MaketheBest

    I am leaning toward not changing the essential meaning in the card only because it is reversed. Keep in mind that the meanings you give the Tarot are meanings that we all choose. There is no one "sacred book" out there that has all of this spelled out for us. I would steer clear of any meanings that spell trouble or pain, that sort of thing. I want to move away from fear, doubt and the expectation of evil. I submit that the reversed cards are simply a sign that the card's energy in question is particularly active at the time of the reading. Or it could be an internal process that is taking place. In either case, the positive, constructive meaning of the card is not changed at all. (See Gail Fairfield's work on "Choice Centered Tarot") Everyone has their own opinion, some ignore the reversals, I go back and forth.

    Someone needs to design a Tarot Deck that you can't tell whether the card is right side up or not... like this...

  • one meaning could be "there is a step you have to take" associated with that card.

    When a card lands reversed, you have to take a step to turn it around.

  • another, is that there is a positive development in that area! Like the wheel of fortune turning and saying to you, you are loved. I like that.

  • I like that Astral Angel. Looks like a reflection in the water whereas you're at a distance to see both cups. Could also say the yin and yang of the card. Maybe able to see both sides.

  • LOL! at the drawing I love it! I too believe the way that you do, that the card doesnt mean the opposite after all if it doesnt have some of the message from the upright version. Why doesnt the universe simply deliver us another card...instead of the lovers give me the 8 of cups. Oddly people rarely interpret the "bad" card as an opposite...most people seem to see the tower reversed as less dramatic but still awful. lol!

  • I guess the charisma of the reader is the true medium to pull it all out. hmmmm

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