J and I

  • would love some insight on this new guy Iam friends with ...just pull cards, pull three and tell me what you think

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  • Looking at your charts overlaid, an immediate note is that both of your moons are in Capricorn, creating an instantaneous connection emotionally. So this is pretty cool. You should be able to weather a lot in this relationship because practical and goal-oriented Capricorn tempers your emotional extremes. Making it easy to be yourselves emotionally with each other.

    You are a Virgo and you have your Venus in Virgo so there is a very lovely, mysterious love nature here. No doubt your Leo finds this attractive. He may not understand some of your more etheric qualities at first, however this will deepen.

    Your childlike soul must be due to your Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto all hanging out together in Virgo. This is a pretty fun combination... Mercury is wanting to chatter and communicate, Virgo wants to play it cool, all Venus wants is love - and Pluto is in the background transforming everything into a beautiful harmony! So I can see that this makes you very childlike and easy-going, and a little unpredictable! Should be fun for Leo.

    He also has his Pluto and Mercury in his Sun sign, so he has a lot in common with you in his willingness to communicate, and is open to transformation in his personal inner life. So as a couple I don't see one of you developing onward without the other.

    I flipped over the King of Cups so something large looming for you in the Cups world... and The World... completion and fulfillment, you are whole with your feelings, and these two together tell you have something very nice coming in love.

    Hey, thanks for the note cards, that is so nice I can't wait to see what you do. Can u send me an email to and I will reply with my mail address

    thanks pooperpop 🙂

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  • thank you admin i was not aware i will refrain from that


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