Need help with a 3-card reading

  • Question: Is anything romantic gonna happen between me and this guy, this year?

    Cards: The Chariot, The Hierophant, and The Queen of Pentacles.

    Thanks in Advance :),


  • ?

  • angelj32114

    The Chariot - I would say that there is something awaiting the two of you, the Chariot is sort of a "hang on because something is carrying you fast and is outside of your control". Do you sense some energy between you two, like something could take off? Once this gets rolling things will carry you along quickly.

    The Hierophant - You are involved in some sort of shared philosophy or outlook of life. You must share some things in common along spiritual lines, so this is a good sign. Marriage? I don't want to speculate, however...

    The Queen of Pentacles - this is a card of home, material security and it is very mature in this card. So the relationship would seem to be establishing a security pattern that is very strong.

    Sounds like something here to me! I wish you wonderful outcomes... you deserve it.

  • Thank you very much AstraAngel 🙂

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