• We've communicated before regarding unexplained experiences. Here's another that I wish I understand. In April I dreamt of a month, date, and year. Someone in the dream gave it to me as something to remember. I can't reveal the date just yet but it is not a b-date of any of my relatives and friends. it is not memorable event> It isn't anything I would value. The next day I remembered the date. I went to work as usual and in the afternoon I was going to process the papers of a job applicant who I planned on offering a job. When she presented her IDs I was surprised that her date of birth is the very date I dreamt of. I double checked by asking her if it is her b-day and she said, "yes" with a big smile. Here's what concerns me. Why did I dream about the b-day? It was so exact and who ever gave it to me seemed like someone I could trust eve if I don't know him. What does it all mean? Anybody who has comment is welcome.


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