Work Related reading needed please.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for looking into this. I have decided to put my search for a good man on hold and focus more on my money/career. I dont know when I can expect to be in a relationship, altough I do want one. Currently I'm a nurse recruiter. I really like it but I feel things are moving kinda slow. I was hoping someone could tell me when to expect my placements to improve and when I can expect my money to pick up over all. My name is Leah and my dob is 2/9/84. Thanks so much.


  • I feel like you are in a dead end at the moment. A new start and career is indicated and this is definitely the right year for it. Follow your passion.

  • Thanks for responding Captain. Is it the actual work/career that I'm doing or the company I'm working for that has me at a dead end? Can you tell me why you feel I'm at a dead end here. Is there anything I'm doing wrong that I can try to improve on? And also can you make any suggestions in reference to what type of career that I should be pursuing? I dont like to job hop and I really jus want to work somewere and stay there for a while.


  • Captain?

  • I feel like you have gotten as much out of your present career as you could have. I think it has become just a safe place for you. I feel that job security has taken the place of challenge and growth for you. Now you are stagnating and need a change. What do you really want to do?

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