Captain could you give me some advice please?

  • HI Captain,

    I hope you are well and settled in to your new surroundings. I am making the plans for Ireland, timeline is the start of next year, and it is my decision because I want it.

    Okay this time it is not about my husband, this time I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am very interested in reiki and send whacking good distance healings and now I have gotten in to the whole area of applied kinesiology, touch to heal, acupressure etc. (slipped in there by chance actually). I have just bought a book on the subject and have been in touch with a lady who does courses who offered to give e a few consultations first so I could see what it is like and experience it on my own body.

    And then today I was given the chance to do a certified course in bookkeepiing. I am not a fan of bookkeeping but as you know we have a company that deals in it and it would be handy if I ever want to start my own thing, or rather for when I start...

    Can you give me some career advice? Do I have a future in either field?

    Thank you so much if you can come up with a reply. My DOB is May 6th 72


  • I feel the alternative healing field is your life's work and one that will be extremely in demand as people become disenchanted with the ineffectiveness and side effects of drugs and unnatural medicines and products. You will prosper and excel in this field. Do what you love and it will always reward you. Your spirit would shrivel as a bookkeeper.

  • Thanks Captain, I will probably do the bookkeeping course becsuse it is the basis for running a company but yes healing makes me happy. My youngest daughter is a healer too, I can feel her energy, I am going to get her reiki attuned.


  • Yes, do the bookkeeping course for the business knowledge, but don't make it a career.

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