Asked Tarot whether he really loves me- help- with meaning

  • DId a 3 card reading

    Knight of swords

    4 of pentages

    page of swords


  • It appears that this relationship has run its course and there is a caution that this man you have feelings for only has feelings for himself. You are at a precipice of a new beginning in your life, but first you must let go of this situation and any attachment you have to this man so that you can heal. There is a lesson in all of this for you with regard to your personal power. It feels like you have given your power away and there is an underlying issue of inner strength, confidence, being the master of your own fate. Deep down you already knew the answer to your question, but fear has its grip on you. Do you fear being alone or that you will not be able to find someone else to love you? Remember that you are a beautiful and deserving being of Light! There is a faithful and loving man in your future, but first you must learn that you are worthy of him. Muster up the courage to see the truth in your current situation and then give yourself some time to heal and to absorb the wisdom from this experience. Try not to dwell in the questions of why this current man did not love you or why it didn't work out. Remember that he came into your life for a purpose - to help you to learn and grow. When we do not absorb our lessons that life presents to us, we are destined to repeat them until the lesson is learned. So focus on what it is this relationship was meant to teach you about yourself so that you can attract something better - that faithful and loving man you can build a life with.

  • Watergirl,

    Thank you for your wonderful interpretation of the cards and taking the time to do it and give that inspiring messages. Were his feelng real, or just played?

    I was also involved with anotehr man and broke up with him after some words were exchanged that cause me pain. Now after calmness I think it was a good relaiionshio, if he come back will be good for me to given him a change. or just move on.

    I asked tarot that thiis is what I got

    card 1 temptress

    card 2 8 of cups

    card the start

    If you could help me I will super appreciated.


  • Hi MC,

    These cards you pulled are about leaving the past behind and giving yourself time to heal. I don't think jumping into another relationship is the right path for you at this moment. Do some inner work first and I think you may feel differently about this other guy afterward.



  • Watergirl,

    Thank you, for your time and interpretation. Moving on will do and leave the past behind. I did learn lots with both relationships.


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