Updated readeding - interpretation please

  • How I see myself - Ace of Pentacles

    How I see my partner - 3 of Swords

    How I feel about my partner - THe Moon

    What is between me and my partner - Knight of Cups

    How my partner sees me - 8 of Cups

    How my partner feels about me - Death

    Challenge in the relationship - Wheel of Fortune

    Thank you!

  • Sorry, my dear, but this reading does not bode well for this relationship. You are wanting to hold on to what you have and are very emotional about it and feeling upset about his distance or separation from you. He appears to have moved on in some way and the 8 of Cups and Death as how he sees you and feels about you is not a good indication - this suggests that the relationship is over for him (and again I am getting distance?). The Knight of Cups standing between you suggests that he has someone else already or has been two-timing you. The Wheel of Fortune as a challenge....hmmmmm.... with all of the other cards I would say that the challenge is to let go....

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