Runaway Dreams..

  • This turned out to be a bit long.. sorry!

    I’m 18, and am moving away from my family home this summer to London, to do my university degree, something I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 months, but last weekend I was out with a friend and a boy that I had known since senior school was there. I’d always had a crush on him - MAJOR crush - and it got so bad that I’ve denied myself ever having a chance with him. Anyway turns out we started kissing that night, which has now completely warped my perceptions. My boyfriend doesn’t know. The night before these dreams, I was very upset as my boyfriend and I had a discussion about priorities in a relationship - our views, it would appear, differ greatly from one another.

    I had 3 dreams, all one after the other in the same night and, upon my own reflection, all containing the same element.

    The first one, I was in a hospital with several other people (we were all patients somewhat), one of which was a pregnant woman in a wheelchair. At one point we were all rounded into a room, handed samurai swords, and made to fight each other. The pregnant woman became scared, and said to me, “They’re going to kill us aren’t they mum? I don’t want to die,” to which I said, “You won’t die, I won’t let you. When you wake up, I’ll be here for you.”

    The walls of the hospital were dark grey, and seemingly dirty.

    I looked up and a girl with dirty, blonde hair in plaits, pale skin and a terrifying gaze walked past in the doorway, then it happened again. And again. Somehow I realised the motive of the people running the hospital was indeed to have us dead. I ran across the ward and out one of the windows, ended up sliding down the sides of each building as I went in order to escape. I screamed, but then realised this would draw attention to me. For a split second I actually enjoyed sliding downwards at incredible pace, the wind in my hair, how smoothly it seemed to go. The hospital car park bore an exact similarity with that of the hospital I actually work in part time, right up to the road where I ran across and the grassy alleyway where I went to hide. Exhausted, I gave up, and woke up.

    Second dream, not sure how it started but I was running through the car park again, as part of a car accident in which someone died, or something. I felt innocent of any wrongdoing, but still felt the need to run. The car park turned into the pavement outside my senior school. At some point it was night time, and I was in a random town (I think it was Peterborough, lol)waiting for a bus. Not any particular, just any bus to get me anywhere, as far away as possible. I got on a bus, it turned into a taxi. I looked out the window and we went past a house with lights on, in on of the rooms there was a large group of teenagers (”students” no doubt) smoking and having a great time. I remember thinking, “wow they really don’t have anything to worry about. All safe at home, not having to hide,”.

    One of the passengers was my old drum teacher from school. We started talking about my plans for my 19th birthday.

    At that point I felt fairly content, like all I had to do from there was find a youth hostel in each town I went to and camp it out every night. Easy. Not sure where this dream ended. I woke up, though.

    Third and final! I was starting at a university somewhere. I had a room in halls of residence, they told me the number was “24″. So I went down this corridor and into this room I thought was 24, however it smelt and it was a real mess, there were clothes everywhere. I wasn’t sure if it was still occupied somehow. Then I came out and realised I was in room 26; 24 was actually next door. I went in, and it was HUGE. Several people were already in there. One guy was tidying it up still ready for my occupation, and I helped him. He showed me a strange illustrated book about a tiger that went riding around on tops of taller animals in the jungle, killing lions with large, black pointy sticks. I remember thinking it was a bit grim, but could be of useful meaning to me.

    I sent texts to my mum and my boyfriend, telling them I’d arrived and my room was huge! Throughout the dream I checked my phone and didn’t get an answer, but it didn’t matter.

    I went into town and suddenly a girl started talking to me, obv. a student at the same uni, with a group of people. We sat outside and chatted and laughed, this did go on for quite a while, and she invited me out that night. I said yes, feeling really pleased. We walked back through town towards our halls again, talking and laughing still. At one point we were dodging cars across a wide road.

    Towards the end of the dream, a dog appeared from behind bushes. I said hello to it, and we carried along up the road, the dog following us. I thought about the owners of the dog, how they would have to put up notices for its loss, and how they might feel having to come to the student halls to find it.

    I felt carefree, and happy. Then I woke up.

    When I finally got out of bed after all these dreams, I longed for the feeling I experienced when running away, or at the university - no ties, no hang ups, not a care. Over each dream, the “running away” element seemed to get easier. In the first two I felt as though people were following and watching me, through technology somehow, but this eased near the end of the 2nd dream and was completely non existant in the 3rd.

    I’d like clarity as to what these dreams are telling me please!

  • what an interesting dream!

    i'm going to do my best to interpret this as if i was having this dream. take whatever seems to stand out to you.

    well it seems that you're already pretty settled with the idea of running away. but running away can result in the death of some things. the pregnant woman who called you "mum" perhaps that is a "pregnant" budding thought of leaving your boyfriend? she is anxious and unsure, and asks a question. But you reassure yourself, saying “You won’t die, I won’t let you. When you wake up, I’ll be here for you.” you may need to give that thought life. but remember the birthing process is painful, yet beautiful. at that point in your dream you run away from this "death" that seems to be very eminent. and you even sort of enjoy it. it's much easier avoiding a painful decision such as that, right?

    dream II: you are running from the death of "something." you know that you are not at "fault," yet you still need to get away from it. it's starting to sound more and more like your subconscious has already made up it is mind. you find transportation, a means to get away and notice students having fun-- smoking. “wow they really don’t have anything to worry about. All safe at home, not having to hide,” subconsciously you desire to for that lift-- and what exactly are you hiding again? hmmmmmm? are you just trying to get away and hide from what you're hiding with smoking??? or is it about time you come out of hiding and get away and have some fun? or both?

    i've noticed when teachers are involved with my dreams that they are usually pointing you in a certain direction. to me, your drum teacher seems to be pointing you towards "life"/ your birthday after the "death" you seem to have experienced. your birthday is also something to look forward to. literally. look forward.

    dream III: this one is a bit harder to discern, there are a lot of symbols in this one, but i'll git a swing.

    here's what i'm understanding.

    you're trying to get to room 24. 2+4=6. basically at this point in your life you're at a bit of a crossroads having to decide what to do with you relationship. you are at a middle point-- a 5 in numerology. the next number that obviously comes next in line is 6. but for some reason you walk into room 26, thinking it's 24. 2+6=8. 8 for me has been sort of like.... you've made your choice, there's no turning back, so things have begun to be set in motion. it's not a 9 because things haven't been killed or cut away, and it's not a 10 because nothing is dead yet, but shall we say, it's the beginning of the end. after making a decision, you may want to go back, but things are set in motion and why would you want to go in there when things are no longer worth cleaning out? perhaps you need to "clean up" your past mess before you move onto your next number/step? your subconscious apparently thinks you don't need to. it may take care of itself. but dirty rooms don't clean themselves. then again it isn't YOUR room. you accidently stumbled upon that one.

    so you go to the correct room and it's big and beautiful and wonderful and clean, you have options, the doors are open for you, you're meeting new people at school, making new friends. there is already someone tidying your new space for you, and you do a bit to help get it settled. think in reality-- there is already someone waiting for you, a new friend, or lover perhaps, you just need to make the arrangements. and here we get to the hard part.

    a tiger on top of taller animals in the jungle killing lions with large black pointy sticks. in an illustrated story. you felt it was grim, but possibly useful.

    well, this seems to be going along the lines with the whole death and dying thing. it seems you've made it to college but you haven't quite killed off the beast yet. you can still go on with life as is with your boyfriend, attending college still in a relationship, but imagine the how much more free you may feel entering your next level of education with a clear mind.

    killing a lion seems pretttty daunting. even if you have the upperhand by being on top of the other jungle animals. in the rider waite tarot deck, the card seven of wands came to my mind. it is a picture of a man with a staff-- almost like your pointy sticks, trying to fend off six staffs below him. he has the vantage point because he can see his attackers, what their moves are going to be, and he can make his attack with thought from above. your dream self seems to be okay that you received no reply from your mother or boyfriend. there is a part of you that has already approved of both their absence. you are moving away from your mother as well, right?

    in their absence, you will make more friends, once you clear things out, life will bring you more to fill in the void, if you are ready. the girl could be the new you or friend that you will begin to get to know as you lead your new life...

    a dog follows you and the new friend as you're walking back to your new home. dogs are usually very important "messengers of the underworld" in dreams. a lot of my dreams with dogs have been warning signs, not necessarily of impending doom or anything, but to keep a close eye on the rhythms and changes going on in life. this is your dog, your choice. it is following you. you are the owner. your subconcious has already seemingly determined your loss. you may loose your chance to make your decision. you may have to go to school to make your final decision. the owner(you) of this dog/choice might be upset at finding this dog/choice while at the student hall/your new home/ new stage in your life.

    your subconscious self is still happy though, because it knows you will make the right decision for your future.

    you are waking up to the longing for the freedom and release of running away, beginning your new life, without any restrictive ties. you obviously have that on your mind, and it seems to be calling you.

    three is important.

    past: dream I: you see your choice.

    present: dream II: you acknowledge your choice.

    future: dream III: you let go of your choice.

    allow yourself to be freed.

    much love, le papillon.

  • I interpreted your dreams much the same as lepapillon actually. You are not ready to settle down and your life will begin once you start university - you'll meet new friends,lovers and have new experiences - and your subconscience is ready to receive all that's on offer. That is also played out by your real life flirting the night before. Don't feel too bad - you're young! I think your relationship may need a rethink - are you going to make a bid for freedom before you go or are you going to let your relationship slide into a natural death?

  • Wow! Thanks guys, I've had a chance to think more about my dreams, and I do recognise your interpretations. The thing with my boyfriend, he does have problems (the students smoking, I think has to do with his cannabis habit, which I occasionally partake in), and as much as I enjoy his company and want to help him out, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere and at the end of the day I don't want to keep caring and caring for him when I get nothing back. He told me that he thinks the most important thing in a relationship is companionship, which is fine, and we really do get on so well. But when I told him that, over time, partners should come to commit and hold duties for one another, he told me that I "expect too much" from relationships, which irked me a bit. - but makes sense, as he's a Capricorn!!

    MRCHICK, what you say really rings true - due to aforementioned factors I've rethought the relationship. Kissing that boy the other day made me realise that, if I was really getting as much from my boyfriend as I needed, I wouldn't be finding it elsewhere.

    I know that when I move away, it'll be a clean break. Although this boyfriend of mine is planning to move to the city pretty soon, but with friends, I don't see "us" going any further than this point. What I'm wrestling with now is whether to finish it now. I don't plan to tell him about the other boy, but we go through "patches" where he really makes me angry and if it happens again any time soon I'll find it easier to make the decision, as otherwise I really enjoy being with him,

    I'm pleased at least some people know what's going on 😉 thank you

  • Yeah, capricorns are a bit laid back "whatever" sort of people - I have a Capricorn son!! I wouldn't tell your boyfriend about the other night - not even in anger! If you enjoy his company then carry on seeing him...on your terms! Best of luck at uni and have fun!!

    R n R chick

  • Hi, Action-packed and suspence! When you woke up were you actually rested. I think I would have been worn out after all that. Sounds like the hospital is a pit-stop in the road--you must not have a lot of confidence in doctors (I'll save you.) Everything seems to work out in the end.

    Are you by chance an Aries.

  • Lol it was quite a lot of dream, after the 2nd one I intended to get up but just fell asleep.

    I think the hospital's role in these dreams has something to do with how it's a job I got only a few months ago, with the sole intention of saving up money for university.

    I'm actually a Leo, so while I'm happy to do my own thing, be stubborn and be the boss and do what I want, the one thing I value most is the care and support from those closest, hence some tension between my boyfriend and I.

  • OH and another thing. I got an email through recently from a company that rent out halls of residence to students, and they said I had a flat reserved between numbers 1-26. (dream three) Weeeiiiird! I hope I get to choose, no.24 it is for me lol

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