Markie808 - Two 6's together, Romance or Tragedy??

  • Dear Markie808;

    Would you be so kind as to tell me what kind of wonderful or terror two 6's would be in a relationship? We are very identical to one another in more than just beliefs, it even shows in the way we are on a more physical/romantic level. Even both are children are alike.. What I am asking here is if you would be so kind as to possibly tell me how two sixes would work together relationship wise.

    Please and Thank you,

    Love Detox

  • Hi LoveDetox,

    That would depend on what kind of 6's they are, the compound number is extremely important as well.

    However, I will say though that if the 6's are on the "same" page, it should not be an issue. They usually work well together, and raise beautiful families. They can make great money as well, because the number 6 attracts success. The downside is that since 6's are usually "set in their ways" on a number of issues, there maybe a problem on getting the other to see eye to eye.

    The male 6 likes to rescue him damsel in distress, and the female 6 is looking for her knight in shining armor. Knowing this you will understand that love is a compulsion, and so keeping the 6 loved, appreciated, and happy is of the utmost importance, if not risk them "wandering" off elsewhere.

    I have seen first hand experiences two 6's work magic together, and unfortunately many times where it ended somewhat tragically.

    Their life numbers are only part of the equation, you must consider all aspects of the chart in order to give a better analysis.

    Though, if you both are identical, and share many great things in common, then maybe you should take that next step? You will never know unless you try.

    Anything else let me know.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond, I have been dealing with literally INSANE people lately as my hands have been extremely full.

    On the two Number 6's, I can certainly feel the romance is a fizzle at least when it comes to s e x u a l compatibility. Though we both share an idea for romance and family, the bedroom suffers immensely. The man is wonderful in just about every way but there is no flicker for the fire if you know what I mean.

    I am an overly s e x u a l female so I really like to heat things up in the bedroom area, he is a Gemini and I am an Aries, you would think the combination would be on fire but it is far from it. I guess what I have to say is I am very thankful for your fast reply and I suppose I was hoping that something would come from him and I but there is not enough for me to hold on. Maybe I am being too picky and ideal?? I do not know.

    Thank you for your time to reply Markie


    Love Detox

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