Interpretation please

  • Love Bottom Line

    Self - 2 Coins

    Loved One - 3 Swords

    Situtation - King Pentacles

    Advice - Four Swords

    Potential - Judgement

    We are going through the worst time ever. He is totally closed off and any time I say anything I get a wall. We are 10,000 miles apart and have only to rely on emails.

    Help 😞

  • Hi J3nnygy,

    Ive interpreted your reading from what i felt ,

    2 of coins - self

    You are trying so hard to make this work that its takinig its toll on you i feel you are trying so hard to please him that it is back firing on you and making him shut down even further .

    3 of Swords - Loved one

    Well i feel an extreme sadness with this card around him and this is what has caused him to shut down on you i feel that something major in his life has happened where he is, and he is not telling you about it he doesnt want to talk to anyone whatever this is it has affected him badly . Im sorry i cant pin point exactly what it is but i feel there is a friend involved somehow .

    King of Pentacles - Situation

    With the King in this postion i would say alot of whats going on in this situation has to do with Money or financial matters i feel that your r partner is a very relaiable person and i dont feel that whatever is going on has anything to do with you personally , i feel it could be to do with problems at work .

    Four of Swords- Advice

    I feel that he needs time on his own to think about things , he has withdrawn into himself .I feel you should let him know that you are here for him if he needs you ,but if you continue to contact him you could push him further way .

    Potential - Judgement

    I feel he will soon realise what he is doing is extremley hurtful to you, as at the moment he is so wrapped up in himself he cant see past anything other than what has caused him this upset . .

    He needs to get this out of his system . I feel he is suffering anxiety and stress . you are going through a bad phase but i dont see this as being the end for you it will soon pass .

    Hope this helps

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your help.


  • My husband works in Afghanistan. He has been "emailing" and sending gifts to another woman. Been hiding it and lying to me for over a year. I am so hurt by this because there was something firtatous over 7 years ago and I thought it had ended to just a friendship.

  • LOAP,

    I am so worried about my husband. He tells me he is resolute in his position. What reading can I do to delve more into what actually happened to him? He won't talk to me.

    Thank you!


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