Newbie! PLEASE HELP! I need some insight in understanding this spread?

  • Celtic Spread: Exalted Ace of Pentacles Exalted Ace of Swords Exalted Ace of Wands Significant: Knave of Wands 1) Knave of Swords 2) 10 of Wands 3) 6 Pentacles 4) Temperance 5) 3 Cups 6) The Fool 7) Knight of Pentacles 😎 The Hermit 9) 2 Pentacles 10) 9 Cup

    Thanks so much!

    1. Environment - Knave of Wands - Taking a risk with the self-image, establishing a new inner view of yourself, your setting is one of focusing in on one aspect of yourself.

    2. Crossing - Ten of Wands - You have reached the saturation point of roles you are trying to express. You feel spread thin. You are really wanting to focus in more on what roles are most important to you.

    3. Hopes and Dreams - Six of Pentacles - material stability, a home, something dependable in the realm of security

    4. Recent Difficulties - Temperance - something you have struggled with in the realm of balance between conscious and unconscious attitudes. You have been doing a lot of soul searching about something work related perhaps. And you faced some conflicts trying to hone in on something.

    5. Last of the present - Three of Cups - something nice emotionally, a relationship moved from friendship to something more

    6. First of the Future - the Fool - The emotional recent developments lead toward you making a decision about this person, or situation, you are ready to follow your heart

    7. future environment - Knight of Pentacles - it looks like your security concerns (pos 3) are developing nicely, a strong focus on material concerns and its working for you.

    8. How other see you - the Hermit - Others are aware that you are on a private journey and show you respect for it. You are left alone while you sort your options.

    9. Hopes and Fears - Two of Pentacles - again, your material concerns seem at the forefront, you are affirming one direction or the other in material and home. This choice is one that you know you must make, however it can feel a little anxious. You are asked to have no fear.

    10. Outcome - Nine of Cups - Wow, it looks like whoever showed up at pos 5 and caused you to move forward with them in position 6, has blossomed into a lovely relationship and the material concerns are met as well, you appear to have the best of both worlds!

    this looks like a pretty awesome spread to me... a lot of personal development, and you are understanding better your material needs. Someone is along with you in the journey and it appears to take you to a nice place togethe at the Nine of Cups.

    Also the significant card (Page of Wands) tells me that you are very much willing to take some personal risks to refine your direction, path, you are sifting and sorting out what is really important to you in life, and what place you see yourself in.

    You are seeing that being a fool sometimes is the wisest step you can ever take.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to write! He and I actually broke up several months ago due to my own insecurities and issues. It had a profound effect on me and created a lot of personal growth and soul searching, not to mention major heartache! The question I was asking when I did the spread was if we'd reconcile (we're not even speaking now, and apparently he has moved on:( Your insight has given me some hope into the situation. Thank you again! :-))

    Oh, if you don't do the Aces effect the reading?

  • Kb063, I was not sure about those Aces, that was something new to me... you drew those before the spread? Three aces in a row like that, i would double down your bet! Pretty amazing, something NEW NEW NEW coming for sure, a new life, a new start, a new self image. Sounds like a major overhaul and a bright bright bright tomorrow for you!

  • I read that when drawing an Ace, it's placed above the whole spread...exalted...and it's position in the spread is then replaced with another card. The Ace is suppose to effect each

    card that's in the spread. I had never heard of it before either...and then drew 3! I thought it was pretty cool:-) Thanks so much for all you're help! I really appreciate it:-)

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