Help- what does my reading mean?

  • hi there everyone

    I asked the following question will i find a new job and i got these from the happliy ever tarot card

    Current situation -ten of swords

    The future- the seeeker of hearts

    Magic Key- 3 of crystals

    Wish upon a star- child of crystals

    Hidden limitations- seeking of cystals

    Inner child- wishing upon a star

    Foundations of love -Cinderella

    If anyone can help this would great.

    Thanks Paula

  • Hi Phornby1 -

    Let's take a look. I am not familiar with this particular deck, maybe we can wing it.

    Current situation - ten of swords - this is the end of something rather exhaustive, you are concluding a role, a philosophical pattern and you are over it. Your last career path hasn't worked and you are ready for something new, fun, adventurous!

    The future - the seeker of hearts - this sounds like the Fool to me, that means that the future holds a very beautiful step for you as you venture out once again chasing your heart's happiness, oblivious to your better sense! You are flowing with your emotions and feelings more, you are open to work that is much different than anything you have done before. This is a key aspect of your new career, it will be new. And it will allow your emotions to be expressed!

    Magic key - three of crystals - Crystals represent material issues. Healing, connections to the Universe, supply and the manifestation of blessings. So a three of healing, nurturing, something on a deep emotional level has crossed the threshold of a decision phase (the two of Crystals) and is entering the planning phase (the three), so you are taping into some unexplored work paths, and planning some "what-if's" connected with these various directions. You are not simply waiting for a job to pop out of nowhere, you are taking tangible steps to find something new, or create your own work that you love and meets real needs. You are planning in tangible ways some possibilities connected to your choices in your work.

    Wish upon a Star - This is your fondest, loveliest wish - child of crystal - this would be like the Page, so there is a risk you are being asked to take in order to actualize your wish. A healing energy for you, this step would mean a new direction for you that would be deeply rewarding in your work path. You are taking some chances and saying to yourself, "why not!" You are following your heart. This card is also connected to messages as are the page, so you can expect some messages and guidance from the Universe in your career pat.

    Hidden limitations - seeking of crystals - This sounds like the Seven of Pentacles, a card of imagining material and physical situations connected with your work path. This also sounds a lot like the Three of Crystals above, planning and imagining various possibilities. So you are trying hard, spending effort to envision the work you love, and what that path looks like. You are not at the mercy of life, you dream, and you choose, and you imagine, and so it works out for you. This is an area of struggle for you though, it is hard to see the possibilities at first. You are growing here, that is what is important, whatever limitation you feel is simply your instructor, guiding and training you for your new career that you will love.

    Inner child - wishing upon a star - your inner child, your subconscious, your deep life design is a dreamer and you see life like a child. You love to play, you see your work as something you should be able to play at it and have fun in it! This is a deep, foundational force in you, that should really be acknowledged and embraced. You long for the kind of work that is deeply satisfying and brings more childlike qualities out into the open. Perhaps you love to write? Or you are an artist or photographer. You like playing at work.

    Foundations of love - cinderella - this is the storybook tale of your life! You see yourself as someone with so much to give, yet you have felt blocked in this area somehow. So you stay busy, keeping the floor swept, while you wait for life to turn around for you. You know you are meant for something very rewarding and you know (because of your inner child who is playful and optimistic) that you will enjoy what you are going to do!

    The sense I have from all of this Phornby1, is that you really want to step into a new life, centered around meaningful, deeply satisfying work. A work that allows you to express your emotional side also. Are you an artist or creative type? This could be a sign that you need to go that way now.

    Wishing you associations of guidance and the unfolding of your lovely work.

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