• I got a call late last night that woke me abruptly. During this conversation my friend mentioned “I prayed about it. Nothing to worry about.” This statement, and this statement alone made my mind race.

    During the last year I have allowed my mind to be more open to the fact that God is above the box that normal religion keeps him/her/it (and for the sake of confusion I will refer to God as him) in. Since I was little, and I know it will sound strange….I kind of visioned the day I meet him. I would approach and no words were necessary. He would just say “You always knew me better than the rest.” I know exactly what he means. I feel he is not a dictator, he is a guide. He is not harsh, but comforting. He allows us to make our own choices and mistakes. He is disappointed with judgment unto him and others. The world is full of differences to be embraced and loved. My neighbor is not like me, they have different paths/lessons to be learned.

    As I lay thinking of the lessons I am destined to learn, I got a feeling I have never felt before about my life. I have always been satisfied with where my life is and is going. But I all of a sudden feared I had given myself no challenges. I feared I have accomplished little as far as education and career. But I have honestly never looked at these things as a priority. I have always felt that complexity of emotion is more of my focus. To overcome the bad and teach others how to truly love. How to get rid of the hate and accept what is “is”.

    Now that I woke I do not feel any different about things then I did yesterday, but I can’t seem to stop thinking of the empty feeling that came about last night.

  • aqua2378

    You certainly are in touch with your spiritual side, you have found your answer there. The dream feels like it is one that is trying to awaken in you the fact that now you need to move forward and look at other areas of your life that need to become more prominent to offer you a secure feeling while helping others to find their way. Are you a teacher? Do you teach in a church? Get involved in the teaching area is what Iam lead to say to you. That will help to open other doors for you to walk through and experience life on an even higher level.


  • Thank you Shuabby! You are always so great with helping me out.

    I do like teaching. I will have to look into that avenue.

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