Nights are becoming strange.....

  • Hello All

    Sorry not been on here for a long long time.

    Just a quick question.

    I love all my spiritual going ons but never have I felt myself physcic.

    During the night my daughter can sometimes wander through to our room and on some occasions may just head straight for the toilet. I always wake up and get up for her. The other night, as usual she got out of bed and walked to the hall then no noise, myself and my partner shouted on her, on no answer I got up to get her and found that she was sound asleep in her bed. I was a bit taken aback and if honest a bit spooked out.

    Well that night I did not sleep a wink, every time I shut my eyes, it was like my head was being bombarded with hundreds of information and if I did manage to fall asleep I would quickly awaken in a hot sweat and a tingling feeling all over my body??

    Just wondered if anyone could enlighten me on any of the above or was I just struggling to get to sleep after what had happened?

    Thanking you 🙂 xx

  • Hi miss-h, how old is your daughter? did you both actually hear the noise of her getting up and did you see her in the hall?

  • Hi ScorpWolf, daughter is soon to be 4. We both heard it clear as day and where I am rather spiritual my partner is not, so to see him rather spooked out, is quite something.

    We both her clear as day (obivously it was not her though) but she was not in the hall when I got out of bed.

    Very strange.


  • Hi.....have you ever noticed what time it is that she gets up?? is it close to 2-4am?? if so, this is the time that there is paranormal activity..especially this time of year......they need energy and when it is hot outside the daytime, and then at night it gets cool......there can be a fog in the air... this is a conductor to the spiritual world.........Please dont be afraid....if ever you see this little girl again, call out to her and try to communicate with her......concentrate with your eyes closed, to calm your inner speech (the bombarding of information all at once) and ask her very calmly and gently telepathically and sit and wait for the chattering to stop in betweeen and ask the child to be more clear.........once she has said her message, she will need help to pass into the light......close your eyes, and fill up the room with light.......from one spot, the light is the brightest, ask the little girl to see the doorway filled with light.....tell her her mommy and daddy are there waiting for her........once you envision the child passing through the thresshold of the door, wave goodbye to her and close the door behind her.......she is now crossed over....and with her family.......sometimes th elittle ones dont know what happened to them and are confused and wander around looking for their is up to us, as beacons of this energy that is sometimes attached to us, to help them get the meessage, but to also help them cross over once because sometimes they dont even know that they are dead....and they are wondering why people are living in their care....xox

  • angeleyes I couldn't have guided her better.

    miss-h, the spiritual world is not so easy to understand.


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