AQUARIUS WOMEN AND CANCER MAN hellp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i need help please me and this cancer guy feel in love back in my country, hometown when i was there were like close family friends when i came i liked him and we would always send mixed signs to each other the whole time i was there the last week before i left we were so close we knew what would happen i guess will waiting for someone to say it , he would always tell me i have to tell you something but i cant i would always be worried at think is he okay whats wrong i would constanly ask he would say no nothing then he would change the subject then he finally said what we wanted to say but he said it quitly because he was worried i would reject him the i repeated it and yea yea me too! we were soo happy the last couple days the the last day he was so upset , because i was leaving i told him im comming back 2-3 yrs (because my family are planning to move there) he wouldnt belive me its like i thought i was just saying it for fun, he told my family and his family after i left he wants too marry me exept my parents but i told my parents only no one else. he told me when i left that he was so upset he even cryed, he would alwasy tell me he is jealous everything changed when i came back he would always expect me to send him a message that i love him and personal thing i like about him suff like emotinaland when he just would get too emtional i would get scared and try to cut him to make him get back abit. that i admit wasnt nice " my fault" he would also say i dont love him . he feels like his the only one inlove or his worried ill find someone else i always said no i would never do such a thing ect. sometimes i would say stuff that he said hurted him like "whatever" "i dont care" and i would say its in a day over , over stupid little thing but come back with in a day or too, then a couple months later he would send a message sayinig " i think we should end it its better for you if we finsh it , i dont want to do this its hard for me but i have too and i cause too much problems for you. of course i replied saying no your no a problem for me i love you but he saying the same stuff and hoped i find someone good i was angry at first so i ignored him the we startedtalking normal then smetimes it was a so they we would stop talking i have but my self out there saying i still love and care for him but i have more guy friends then he has of girl friends and when i say that stuff and talk to him he just ignores me i said i want to tell my family the truth and his but he said no ! but i feel like his playing mind games is he or is it jus me i dont know what to think or do in so confused at times im happy for what happen other times im sad and want he back i have tryed to forget him in so many ways but it impossible im going crazy what should i do ? is this all my fault the thing that happen between us HELP please asap ????


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