Cancer and coping with chronic pain

  • I am a cancer and I cope with chronic pain. I do it without pain pills and I am just starting pilates. What do other people that are cancers? do for exersize?

  • Hi lakewinds, Yoga and Pilates work very well together. Meditation is good for Cancers too!

  • Lakewinds - allow me to ask you, what is causing your pain? How long have you had it? What remedies have you tried so far to alleviate this pain? The reason I am interested is because my partner is in the same boat. She is a Scorpio, I am a Cancer. Over to you.

  • If you can.....go to the ocean. The salt air and the sea has wonderful healing energies. A great place to meditate and to exercise by taking long walks along the beach. Allow the water to soothe and cool the pain.......find a peaceful spot to just "Be". Take care.

  • All Cancers' have the ability to shut off extreme pain. It's very hard to learn, and sometimes you don't even know that you've done it.

    I've lived with extreme chronic pain since1969. I mean extreme! Nerve pain, that can not be relieved with ANY medication. The detailes of this is too lengthy to get into now, but you just have to start practicing self mental awareness. And little by little it WILL go away. This will become your New norm. You just say to yourself that this is the way today is going to be. after a short time you just don't notice it any more. One catch though, if you acquire a New pain, you have to start all over. Many of you have probably accomplished this already, and just haven't noticed.

    Remember the day your leg hurt so much you hardly couldn't walk, but you knew you had important things to accomplish, so you went about your business. Did you pay attention to the fact that about 4 hr's later the pain wasn't there? No, it didn't cross your mind, cause it(your mind) was elsewhere.

    I don't want you to think I'm talking about little pain.

    I'm talking about forever nerve damage,severe TMJ, Crushed Vertibraes in your C spine(headaches from the pinched nerves) that put you down for 6 days at a time. Hot spots on your skin that feel like someone has lit a lighter on your skin and won't take it away. Fibro-myalgia that is soooo bad it hurts to have the wind blow on your skin, or to wear cloths.

    Yes, you have the capibilities to make it all go away. Now the headaches I finally (after 37 yr's had to get some surgery done). All the rest is there, in it's little room, put away.

  • Dear lakewinds:

    I too am a Cancer and a man, just turned 51 last Sunday, 07/12/2009, I also deal with "Chronic Pain," unbeleiveable Chronic Pain, at that, and have dealt with it since I was 16 years old. To make a long story short, I was T-Boned by a drunk who was traveling at an estimated speed of 70 mph when he impacted my '68 Mustang with his '76 Gran Torino Elite. There are many, many different support groups that you can participate in, just do an Internet search on "Chronic Pain Support Groups" There you can find information that is unheard of anywhere else. Some that may even help you in your time of crisis, and the feeling of being alone in your fight to live a more normalized liife. Who knows, you may even find a friend or two.

    I want you to know that I can honestly sympathize with you and your condition(s), as well as commend you on your strength by not using pain pills as I have long been down that road, pills, patches, injections, and more surgeries than I can remember. I personally cannot give you advise on how to "get through" the pain ordeal via exercise as I am permenantly power chair bound, with an extreme low range of motion.

    I wish you the best of luck on a long and terrible journey and hope you find peace, . . . body, mind and soul . . . for I have found nothing to releive my pain and lack of motivational ability. So as a fellow Cancer male, and Chronic Pain suffer I sincerely hope you find a way of dealing with your pain, I know from experience that what works well for one person may be devastatingly painful for another, so go easy, work hard and never loose sight of your dreams nor the ones who love you. You do make a difference in someones' life.

    I will keep you in my prayers, unfortunately, "my prayers" for me have never materialized.

    Good luck my friend.

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