Some spiritual guidance concerning school and love

  • Good evening to you all 🙂

    I post usually on the tarot page, but I was interested in this section as well, and wanted to see what talent was here!

    So, I have two main situations controlling my life right now: college and a possible relationship.

    I'll start with college.

    I actually am a freshman. I started school on monday, and I'm a pre-nursing major. I want to be a nurse so very badly...but I'm having a lot of anxiety about the workload and my success rate.

    I wanted to know: will I succeed in becoming a nurse? will I make it into the nursing program? I need to know if I need to push myself ten times harder than I am right now.

    And besides school, I'm having anxiety about this relationship.

    I met this waiter on a cruise I went on about a month ago. We really hit it off, and well, we went out on a date in late July. The date went really well....and when we were departing he told me that he was going home to Serbia for 2 months, but that when he returns to LA, he really wants to see me. He told me to e-mail him.

    So, that night, I went home and did just that.

    He has yet to respond.

    I'm trying to be patient because I understand his situation. If I was away from the people I loved for almost a year, I would be totally ignoring everything else but the time i was spending with my family. So, I decided to wait and wait.....

    But, I'm really tempted to send him another e-mail.

    So, what should I do? send him another e-mail? continue to be patient? or forget him?

    do you see an e-mail from him heading my direction? and if there is an e-mail, when should I possibly expect it?

    As you can see, I'm overwhelmed to the point that I'm going insane. I want to do well in school, and I want him to get in contact with me. Some help would definitely be much appreciated.

    Have a wonderful evening. blessings to you all.

    -- Danibo

    (My birthday is 9/25/1993)

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your valuable information. There are some good threads here on this forum about spirituality and they have helped me a lot, and on down days I used to come along and read what people were say and this used to bring me up and make me happy again. I found out the spiritual path is even more complicated than that, and as you go even more deep into the rabbit whole things will get crazy, but hey once you are deep enough you can't get out the Spiritual manipulation is hard to spot, but hey follow your heart, whatever you feel is right then you should listen to yourself because that is the best guide you have or else you might find yourself bowing down to some 4th dimension being that just wants your energy.

    Thanks a lot

    Simon Neil

  • thanks for your comments, Simon.

  • bump anyone? haha 🙂

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