To love or not to love. . . that is the question

  • I need a little bit of help with a spread. I feel very strongly towards someone and am going to travel across the country to tell him so. He lives out there btw. BUT! I'm deathly afraid my feelings are not returned. My question was this: Are my feelings for him reciprocated/returned?

    I did the Yes or No spread. . . 5 cards. Here are the positions of the cards. First is my current position, Second is action I can take, Third is obstacles, Fourth is the outcome, and Fifth is the effect it will have one me.

    This is what I got:

    1. Judgement

    2. The Moon

    3. Justice

    4. The Lovers

    5. The World

    I for whatever reason can do ok readings for others but with myself, I just can't. Any help or comments are very much appreciated since this is HUGE for me. I can't stop thinking about it. . . . and am incredibly nervous about it.

  • Your cards are telling you to slow down. Most of the cards are about BALANCE and the Moon is a red flag that you are allowing your imagination to get the best of you. I also pulled a Goddess card for you and the card was...

    "Consider the path of TRUTH. There is a need to see things as they are and not as you want them to be."

    I'm not sure what the actual situation is here, but it does seem as though you may be going overboard somewhat. Have you been dating this person? Is he an old flame? Or is he a friend that you want to be more than friends? Why would you be flying across the country to profess your love? Is there no other way to communicate with him? Do yourself a favor and take Spirit's advice and slow down. Take some time to regain your composure and think about this with a clear head. I think you will be saving yourself some emotional turmoil if you do.

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