Missing earring

  • I need help i finding one pair of my earring--gold swirl with stones. The pair was in the pocket of my handbag. One of them is still there but the other might fallen out. Been looking all day. I hope its not lost. Any clue helps. Thanks

  • Yes I feel it did drop out on a hard stony ground.

  • OMG. That would either be my driveway or the parking deck where I work. I remember seeing the pair for the last time in the pocket of my bag that i take to work. I might have seen them last two weeks ago. If it fell in the parking deck what is the chance I'll find? If it fell n my driveway, I may have a slim chance. Any other clue? thanks very much.

  • I do feel someone may have picked it up so it may have been the parking deck.

  • I will check with the parking manager if I hope it was turned in to lost and found. Will let you know what happens.

    Thanks very much.

  • Hope you found your earring. I too have lost my favorite earrings. I feel like they are in my house but having difficulty locating them to an area. Anyone have insight on where I may have put/left them? I've had several dreams where I see myself walking up the stairs with them and then I always wake prior to seeing what I did with them.

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