Help! I have a situation here

  • My boyfriend is going through a situation here they may effect the both of us, and I would like a quick reading to give me some insight on this, I would like to know what wil likely happen with him, how it will/or wont effect us, etc,, my tarot deck is water damaged and cant buy a new deck just yet. I would appreciate if someone could come to my rescue

  • Hey Vettech,

    I have extra decks, i can send you one. Email me your address to i can mail you one as a gift. I have several styles to choose from, do you have a preference?

    and your reading...

    I received

    The King of Pentacles

    Death (reversed)

    Death (reversed)

    The Page of Pentacles

    if i were a betting person, i would say your boyfriend was employed, there was a meeting "who gets to stay and who doesn't" (Judgment turning) and he got the ace of spades (Death turning).

    However it looks like something new is coming up quick (Page of Pentacles) he must take a risk (something he has been contemplating for a while?), and a new material security pattern is established. It will be better than whatever the Emperor was paying.

    What else...

    Two of Cups (reversed) - your relationship deepens as a result... very sweet between the two of you. You are choosing to do something together you have been considering...

    Nine of Swords (reversed) - this says you are enjoying the results of your decision back there in the Page of Pentacles - you are saying, wow, we should have done this sooner!

    The Wheel of Fortune - Yay! - You hit it, something clicks, something opens up for you big and your life is turned around. That is good place to take a break! 🙂

    (Thank you Universe for your wisdom in our lives... thank you for the Tarot, what a cool idea...)

  • I'm sorry, but I have to jump in here. I know you do not want my advice here vettech, but I cannot remember ever having received such a STRONG message and I am duty-bound to relay it. There is something hidden here that you are not aware of or are blinding yourself to!!! I was given images of an abusive man, financial loss and deceit. This may be metaphoric, but it came through so strongly that it feels literal. I am not sure how long you knew this man before you two got together, but something tells me not long and that you truly do not know him at all. This message is urgent for you - I cannot stress it enough. If this man asks you for money do NOT give it to him.

    I asked the Tarot what would happen if you continued on your current path with this man....

    Current Situation: The Moon

    You: 10 of Swords (clarified with 5 of Pents)

    Him: 5 of Swords

    Outcome: The Tower

    Your Best Course of Action: 4 of Pents

    There is no ambiguity to these cards. In the recent readings I have done for you with regard to this man there was a consistent message of heeding your inner wisdom and that there was something hidden and most likely deceitful going on and that you were closing your eyes to it. The urgency and melodrama of the message I received today may just be to get your attention because you have not been heeding the messages being sent to you, but I have to say that all of these negative energy cards that have ties to deceit, disruption and theft are quite concerning to me.

    I asked your Guides what they want to tell you and received the following...

    "Look for the truth behind appearances. We urge you to activate your powers of reason and look at the events in your life with clarity and objectivity rather than through the murky and distorted waters of emotion. Strive to see reality and notice when things make you feel uncomfortable or challenge your ethics. Have the courage to stand up for your Truth and address difficult situations at their core rather than pretending you don't see the problems because you do not like what they mean. We are assisting you in sharpening your perception and clarifying your view so that you can make important and necessary changes at this time."

  • thank you for your reading i really appreciate it. However it had nothing to do with employment. Awhile ago a man gave my boyfriend a tool to sell, but he didnt know that the item had been stolen. He had put it in his front lawn to sell and the real owner discovered it and assumed he had been the one who stole it. Anyway, he had to go to his po officer for 18months, and he did. when he failed a urine test, they extended his time and he stopped going. so they caught up to him now and he is in jail with court on monday. Im worried about what may happen.

  • I do have a quick question on the two of cups reversed. isnt that card reversed a negative thing? the opposite of the upright meaning? How do you interpret this card reversed?

  • The 2 of Cups reversed is not about the deepening of feelings in a relationship. It is about disharmony, disillusion, distrust or violation of trust, and the end of a relationship. The 9 of Swords reversed is about a lot of things, but in this case the key word is confinement (imprisonment). The Wheel of Fortune is about the ups and downs of fortune and in life and about karma. Whether it is pointing to a time of being on top of the wheel or at the bottom and hanging on for dear life is answered by the surrounding cards. Based on the other cards I would say this is about your boyfriend's karmic debt coming due and the end of a cycle for you which means letting go of people and situations that do not serve you, healing and new beginnings.

    This man is not worthy of you or your trust.

    He is a thief.

    He is a liar.

    He has been manipulating you.

    It is time to WAKE UP, see the TRUTH and WALK AWAY from this man.


  • thank you for your reading on me, I understand the warning Im recieving here, however I feel like I cannot break up with him soley based on these readings.Though I have been keeping my eyes open and watching out for any red flags and observing his behavior towards me. I cant say I dont believe you because anything is possible, I just need to see some indications of questionable behavior, catch in a lie,etc... so far this legal trouble is the shady mark against him

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