I hurt a pisces...

  • I recently met and started dating pretty seriously a pisces male. He is around 40 however, and i'm only 28. That right there had me taking a lot precautions in the beginning. But, since i had dated a pisces before i had promised myself if i ever met another one that i would date him. So i did. However, as all pisces are, once he fell he fell hard and wanted to go super fast with getting into the relationsihp. I am a Taurus and I take my time with love. He took this as rejection and began to slowly but surely swim away from me. He did ALOT of things in the relationship to make me feel like I was first and make me feel like he wanted this, but I was very unsure of him and continued to move slowly with caution. We did end up getting pretty serious and making our relatinoship official but when I moved out into my own apartment recently he stopped talking to me. He had said to me that he wanted to plan for a future and plan for us but it had only been 4 months and I did not take him completely serious. WEll apparently, he was and he took me moving out and getting my own place as a signt that I was young and wanted to do my own thing and not include him in my life. Another thing he had been doing is he stopped calling the last few weeks. He always answered when i called and anytime i wnated to see him, he would see me. HE stopped initiating anything. PHone calls or dates..anything. So i let him go...i stopped calling him too. REcently i saw him and he told me how i really hurt him and how he much he loved me and cared for me. But how he felt like our age was the problem and how he felt like i did not feel the same for him. I told him , of course, that this wasn't true and that the age wasn't it but that it was because i was just getting to know him but it was of no use. I really do miss him now and I really do want anoter chance but he refuses to call me. That day that i saw him, we had made plans to see eachother but he flaked out. Is he really done? Does he just need time? Or, is his age really going to be a bigger problem than i thought? help...

  • Dear misstweety,

    He is through now, he will not come back. Your moving out was a sure sign that you were not ready for a full time one on one relationship with him or any other man at this time. I feel that you need freedom to experience life and love and he is ready for marriage and all that comes with it. We all hurt other people feelings either knowingly or sometimes not meaning to, just do.

    Truth hurts on some level , but is a wake up call most of the time.

    You can put this experience in the book of your life as a memory and move on now. You may consider not dating another pisces man until you are really ready for a commitment although some pisces depends on the date of birth can really be quite adventurous and love them and leave them without a thought. The Feb born are more senseitive , while the March born tend to have a stronger personality and willfullness.


  • Yes the truth does hurt. I really saw us together long term and I just wanted him to be a little patient with me. I would like to attribute the timing to the age difference but , maybe i was unsure of whether i wanted to be serious. I moved out of my parents house, i was tired of living with them and had been living on my own for 5 years and recently had moved back in with them. I was not ready to just move in with him so quickly after that. This is sad to hear as I really felt like we were a compatible pair. Thanks for the feedback though...

  • It was not the age as much as your youth--had you been older--more mature--and already been through the relationship learning process as he has he would have been more optimistic. He's thinking he knows were you're at and he knows the reality of the time you need to mature to where he's at. Also, you wanted safety and held back and that left him vulnerable--he has finally come to place in his life when he has gotten over past mistakes and hurts and is ready to be vulnerable and longterm. He's done playing games. And you are still testing the waters. He's thinking he has to move forward. Also, The bull can be a bit rough on the fish. Fish can be timmid and they like their illusions at times and the bull can be harsh with reality and often they swim away hurt but never say a thing were as a Taurus expects others to speak up on the spot as they can be outspoken. Taurus and Pisces can make longlasting friendships and do get along specially in artistic ways but in matters of the heart it's rocky as they communicate differently and the fish in love can be delicate and will disapear leaving a Taurus puzzled. Unless they share a Venus or moon connection or share similiar planets the pisces usually confuses the h ell out of a Taurus and they lose patience with holding on to the slippery fish who disapears whenever he gets nervouse or offended--fish hate drama. Taurus wants it in the open--and right now!

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