Psychic: Fate reading please

  • Hello LoversCancer

    I'm a clairvoyant reader here when time allows.

    I see Books Books Books with you. Either you like to write or will later in your life or you will be attending college and perhaps becoming a teacher of the English kind.

    I feel that you will have a home that seems to be almost given to you as inheritied. The house is not real big, cottage type style home here. Sets to itself or back away from the street. Lovely home.

    You will be a bit chosy in love and Cancer is a good choice for you to fall in love with, as you two will be soulful together. I see a young blonde man with a charming aura about him and his name has a C in it. He will most certainly try to win your heart if you are not already connected. If you are in love at this time , hold on to your hat because you will be tempted to take a bit from the forbidden apple in the next three months.

    Family wise I feel a female present here (sister) that is sullen at times and just finds it hard to be liked by you. She may be a friend and one that is not really your friend she has darker hair and blue eyes and I hear a J in her first name. No one is a bad person here , just that there are people in our lifetimes that come in to teach us lessons, she is one such person for you.

    Children do come in around you and I feel adoption here of a child from another culture for you down the line a bit. Oriental is the way the child comes in.

    You have a lot to look forward to my dear, you have a lovely spirit and should be popular among those you encounter.


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