Repeating cards

  • I have done a few tarot readings for myself recently and 3 cards reccur, particularly in relation to matters of the heart. I have just been through a particularly difficult situation with an ex partner and i feel this relationship has finally played itself out. It has prevented me from moving on and meeting someone new and I would really like this to happen now. The 3 reccuring cards are the tower, the 6 of pentacles and the emperor. I am quite new to tarot and trying to understand the meaning, I can only think its quite an important message as they keep coming up. Could anyone help me understand this and find the meaning.

  • Hi saranavitch

    Here is my two cents...

    THE SIX OF PENTACLES - this is a card of cycles, after the adjustment of the fives, things settle down in the sixes, this is a material matter. So a change of physical security for you, this does sounds like the security issue with the previous person has played out. Do you get any of these showing up as reversed?

    THE TAROT - something you thought would be reliable and always there didn't work out that way. Endings, good-byes, could be some fireworks (lightning). It is a sign of something being overturned, which sounds like the capstone of the fading situation.

    THE EMPEROR - Take charge! The energy her is authoritative, so this sounds like you are really wanting to make some decisions that move YOU forward. You are taking the reigns of life and looking out for yourself!

    This sounds for sure like you are ready to leave this situation behind you and move on to greener pastures. I am wishing you positive, affirming, strong energies that support you in your life path.

  • Thank you so much. It all makes sense. I had an idea about what the tower represented, but the way you have explained it fits the situation so well.

    The relationship actually ended 8 years ago, but because we have children together, it has been impossible to break all ties and over the last year, we have been more involved with each other. I have had a really difficult time personally in the last month and he has shown me that when the chips are down, I cannot rely on him and I have finally been able to see the emotional hold he has had over me all this time. Its hugely upsetting but a massive relief at the same time.

    I don't know if i feel more materially secure, but i do feel more secure in my little family set with my children, possibly the most sure of myself as a parent and provider i have ever felt and confident that I can do this alone. Perhaps this is significant as the chilrens father is moving away soon.

    The emperor card is the easy bit. It all makes sense.

    Thankyou so much AstraAngel, I feel so positive after reading your interpritation.

    Best wishes and love.

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