AstraAngel please...

  • Good evening AstraAngel... could you please give me a reading. I have just ended a friendship/relationship with a Libra gentleman, We dated off and on for six months. Realized that I wanted more. Can you tell me what lies ahead for me regarding a relationship and/or anything in my life? I'm an Aries 4/8/59.

    Thank you so much for your time...

  • Hi Brightsmileandhazeleyes,

    Let's see... the first thing I did was look at your chart to get a little background before we open the Tarot for you.

    You are an Aries with a good moon rising. Your moon is right next to your sun, so while you have a fiery Aries nature, you also have a very mysterious side to you, an emotional current that runs deep in your life. This is important to keep in mind.... your planets are nicely distributed so you are very well balanced in general.

    We'll try a Celtic Cross and see what the Universe has for you!

    Before we even get started, a special card revealed itself for you, even before I could select the spread, the Wheel of Fortune, so I can see already that you have a turn of fortune and love coming your way. You can expect some significant developments!

    1. Self card - the King of Pentacles - You are in a comfortable situation materially, although not too much is changing. You are wondering, what more? You are pondering some options.

    2. Present Environment - The Hanged Man - You are waiting for your circumstances or situation to come along. You mentioned ending the relationship with the Libra gentleman, you have a clearer idea as to what you are looking for and you know you will take action at the right moment. You are learning to see life from a new point of view.

    3. Immediate obstacle - The Two of Pentacles - You are being asked to affirm something, make a choice about your life situation, your home, your security structure. You must accept and embrace this choice in order to move to your next phase.

    4. Hopes and Dreams - The Eight of Wands - this card is no surprise! This has you - Aries with a moonrise - written all over it. You aim high and refuse to accept second best. This card tells me your self image is healthy, focused and organized. You are refining and focusing in more on the roles you want to play.

    5. Difficulties in the past - The Devil (reversed) this card tells me you have been wrestling with some limitations that were imposed somehow in your life. Perhaps the relationship you ended was too restrictive in some way, whatever it was you are happy it is behind you now. This energy is still turning around, so whatever it was will get better.

    6. Last of the present - Ace of Pentacles (reversed) this is what is recent for you, a decision to start a new level of security or stability in your life, you are collected yourself and are making a new start in your security or home situation.

    7. First of the Future - The Four of Swords - the fours are manifesting, swords are ideas and communications, so you are now moving into the expression of your own perspective, viewpoint, philosophy of life. You are standing up for your own views and are expressing yourself confidently now. This is something you are enjoying, you are settling into a quiet confidence in what you stand for.

    8. Future environment - The King of Cups (reversed) - The end of an old emotional or psychic path. Something coming for you that is a new involvement emotionally or psychically. You have completed one phase of and entering another. Your future environment may involve helping others in making similar transitions.

    9. Outer influences - The Knight of Cups - Others see you as a very focused person, determined to find what you need emotionally. Sometimes others don't understand your determined focus to find this love, and the happiness you know you deserve. Are they right about you? You seem very focused to me.

    10. Hope and Fear - The Queen of Cups - This really shows that lunar aspect of your personality, you are very intuitive and feel deeply your life. This is your great hope to, that you continue to discover your own feelings, and channel them in ways that flow nicely for you. You have psychic powers, you love to explore these hidden realms! Sometimes you wonder if you are in over your head... you aren't, have fun!

    11. Outcome - The Two of Swords - So we come to the conclusion of the matter and what you can expect. This two ties back to the Two of Pentacles we saw, that you must embrace and work with to move forward. This Two is all about affirming something in your lifestyle, you have decided to affirm a new lifestyle or schedule. You are enjoying living in this place, you seem very strong here to me.

    Are you a writer? This near future Four of Swords is all about reflecting and expressing your experience, and communicating something you believe in. This take you to a new situation where you are able to enjoy your fondest hopes about your life, the Eight of Wands and the Queen of Cups. The Eight Wands shows forth your sunny Aries high spirited nature, and this mysterious flowing Queen shows your inner moon maiden qualities. Somehow, these two aspects of your personality are coming into harmony in your life!

    What I see for you Brightsmileandhazeleyes is a wonderful development in your life. You just left something that you had pinned some hopes on, a home situation perhaps, a security base. It didn't turn out that way. Leaving you with still having to make some choices related to your security pattern (the Two of Pentacles which must be embraced), and leads you now to the Four of Swords where you are communicating and giving expression to something very important.

    You are winding your way through a string of cups - some emotional issues you still face... you are assimilating all that you have learned emotionally and expressing this somehow. Your life path is now a process of sorting out what you have experienced in these relationships, and sifting what is important to you, the wheat, from what has not worked, the chaff.

    The presence of the Queen of Cups in position 10 tells me you will no doubt have a wonderful companion entering, any Queen this lovely and mysterious will attract her share of suitors. You have not had much trouble attracting a companion, however finding one that understands you is a challenge. You are very practical to a fault, and you get close to someone, and things are going smoothly enough and then out of nowhere - your crescent Moon peeks over the horizon, and you begin to deal with some mysterious emotions in you that sends you to some interesting places. You try to communicate this to your companion, and that has not always worked. This has led to a series of issues in your relationships, and at times you have wondered what is going on that is creating these situations? It is that Sun and Moon in your Aries, that is an incredible and wonderful aspect of your being. A very rare juxtaposition.

    Your North Node is in Libra, opposite your Sun and Moon, your life path has a calling of balance, harmony, justice - considering the other side. So while you have been all about attaining and achieving, you are at the same time going through life situations that have been demanding that you understand and empathize with the other (your partner's) point of view. This seems to be a part of your life calling. You have known this is important (seeing from your companion's perspective), it has been difficult for you to relinquish some of your most cherished attitudes. The profusion of Cups in positions 8-10 seems to indicate you are learning how to intuit the feelings of others. Your future environment will make use of this ability (King of Cups) and plays to how others see you (the Knight of Cups). And your hope and fear (Queen of Cups).

    You have had security issues you have dealt with in your past (identified by the King of Pentacles as the Self card, the Ace of Pentacles in your recent past, and the Two of Pentacles which is an obstacle/opportunity right now for you). Security is important for you, and yet you must give up some of that to enjoy the fulfillment you long for in love. Your partners have challenged you at times to relax, and let life carry you along in love, it has been hard for you to "let go".

    Not any more though. This last experience was painful, and you are making a vow to yourself, first of all to take care of yourself (Two of Pentacles) and understanding yourself and expressing what you discover in more tangible ways, expressing yourself artistically or in speech, or even counseling others.

    The presence of the one wand - the eight - in position 4 Hopes and Dreams - says to me how important your life is to you, you take all that has happened to you in constructive ways, and you have made amazing progress.

    Keep going as you are. I would be writing, a book, journaling, speaking out somehow, you are really wanting to express something... and it is emotional in nature... I see you leaving a security patten that has been a big part of your life, and transitioning to finally accepting this lunar part of you, understanding it, and sharing that somehow. Write a book titled "What is up with Libra Men?" by Brightsmileandhazeleyes - and write your heart out about your amazing life!

    GO GO GO

  • Thank you AstraAngel!!! Just what I needed to hear. It was a very tough decision to leave the Libra friendship/relationship. I really did like him. We have a lot in common and the same interest in doing things together. I have done this before (called off the friendship) and he has always been able to reel me back in. I am bound and determined that won't happen again. Will he try again to reel me in or is it finally done? I want to be prepared His date of birth is 9/30/53.

    Thank you again for your time! 🙂

  • Oh so he is Libra!

    That is notable, considering that your North Node (life path) is in Libra, so he is probably exerting some influence that challenged you towards your true life path (which can be a little uncomfortable). That could be a big part of why you have been together - he is supplying something you know you need on a psychic or intuitive level that is helping you towards your life purpose.

    His Saturn is also in his Libra sun sign so I am guessing that when he wants balance and composure and restraint and all the other fair things that Libras want, it can really feel limiting in the relationship. No wonder you feel like you need more from the relationship. You two could do really well together, as long as you can meet halfway.

    Also, this is interesting.... there is a large void in his chart centered around you - Aries. So when you appeared in his life it was like the Sun opened up on a dark night, a part of his life that was empty. So my sense is that he really welcomes you, and loves to be with you.

    His Moon is in Cancer, so his emotional nature is very nurturing and cozy, he has some very sensitive, embracing ways - its just that you want to stir things up, build a rocket ship in the back yard or something, and blast off! He wants to bake chocolate chip cookies together. So I can understand the need for more.

    His Mars is in Virgo, so he is a little cool in his expressions of desire toward you. Its the Virgo thing.

    And, his Venus is there too, so in giving and receiving expressions of love and desire, his style is cool and mysterious. You are left wondering, when is something going to happen? You are not into the mystery cool of Virgo. However, he has a lot to teach you, that could help settle you down in some areas where you might be a little hot headed. I am actually seeing you two as compatible. It could take time to blend nicely.

    Keep following your heart as you are doing, things will work out well for you. Your answers are within yourself.

  • Good evening AstraAngel.... I have re-read this information over and over. It is all so true and accurate. Libra man has tried to re-enter my life. He wants to be my friend. It's hard, because we do get along very well and have the same interest. He does say he loves being with me and what you said about him welcoming me is so true. We have spent a little bit of time together talking, but not as often as we used to. He was in a dark space when he met me. He had just found out that his long time girlfriend had met someone else and was getting married. Well the marriage never happened and the Libra man is spending some time with her also. He says she wants nothing more than friendship from him and I know he would like more if he could have it. As we have spent time talking I have learned he has never gotten over her. She is a Gemini born 6/16/73. I am trying to just be a good friend to him, but he sends a lot of mixed messages. Can you tell me what is going on with all this. I am following my heart like you suggest. My heart says to just be a good friend, nothing more and nothing less. He won't let me go to far. I don't want to be a third wheel or second choice. Help!!

    Thank you again for your guidance and words... 🙂

  • Hi Brightsmiles

    I have been away working in California, so thank you for youpatience...

    Let's take a look at this.... thank you Heaven for your guidance for this matter...

    The card popping up is the FOUR of PENTACLES. Libra man (LM) is very protective right now of something, his heart I believe. He has experienced great pain over that situation with LGF (Libra girlfriend). It can take men a while to get over these crushed loved from the past. Patience is in order.

    Your best approach with him right now....

    Ace of Pentacles - there is a bright promise of something new starting between you and him, you should embrace that possibility, and let nature run its course with him. You heart leads you true, be a good friend, and that will grow into something very beautiful with LM. He needs to know you are benevolent and can wait while things heat up a little.

    and heat up they will...

    THE CHARIOT - look out. Once this train leaves the station you two are going to be have a fantastic and very intimate relationship. The only issue I see caution about is once it does take off, you will feel like it is out of control, the passions will be so strong! So pull the reigns back once and a while, (LM... things are going a little too fast for me at the moment.. I think I need a little time to myself... for spiritual inner searching... etc etc... tell him that once in a while and then go see a movie or something, or read a good novel (I am telling everyone lately to read a good book to help defuse whatever issues we are all contending with)... anyway, read your book, and in a few days call him up and tell you discovered the answers you were seeking and can we get back together... he will be all over you... that is a little way down the road however it is soon. How soon? Only the Angels know the answer to that question... were I to to guess though, I would say a few weeks at most. He likes you, a lot. (THE SUN) - he wants you to be a Sun in his life right now, a peaceful bright energy that shines down on him with complete acceptance and affirmation. You are his friend, and once he knows that he is safe in your arms... well... that's about the time the CHARIOT shows up!

    Have fun! Keep going as you are... I don't see any issues whatsoever here, everything looks very sweet and beautiful to me. Get to a bookstore though!

    Oh, he probably liked the communication thing with the LGF, your advantage is Aries, you are decisive and very determined to get what you want and with him in your sights, he doesn't stand a chance. "Friends first" should always be your motto with him. I would get a T shirt printed with that on it and when he sees you in that... um, well, it would be nice for him... a great friendship begets a great relationship on ALL levels... 🙂

  • Thank you AstraAngel!!! The ex-girlfriend is actually a Cancer not a Libra. Her dob is 6/16/73. He is really hung up on her. I am just trying to stay neutral and just be a good friend and listener. And when he ask for an opinion I give it. He and his Cancer ex have a history of 7 years together. He has asked her a few times to marry him and she has said no. She lives two hours away and the talk everyday and see each other every few weeks for a couple of days. Everytime I pull away which has been more and more he calls more or wants to spend time with me. I have made it clear he can't have us both. He just spent a couPle of days with her... Who do you think the first person he called was while driving home??? Yep... ME!! It makes no sense and is so confusing.

    Thank you again for your guidance and kind words. Hope you enjoyed California that's where I'm located!


  • Sorry AstraAngel... His ex-girlfriend is actually a Gemini. See above post...

    Thanks again for everything! 🙂

  • brightsmiles

    I drew the King of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles reverse

    He is the King of Cups and you are the Queen of Pentacles (reversed)

    These two cards fell out while shuffling, and I can see that you feel deeply for this man. The fact however that he has another love interest doesn't seem to be a factor at least in this spread. Your place seems to be as this queen concerned, caring and supportive - love will always want what is best for the other person, no matter what. Even if it means that you are torn apart for some reason, and he runs away with the other person, a heavenly love would sing and wish him only the best, as there must be a reason for that. I am not saying that will happen, his feelings for you are strong, he simply doesn't want to be weighed down with a love obligation where he has to watch his steps or something with you (Ten of WANDS). I would relax and smile, things will work out for you and him as long as you keep an attitude of faith and trust that heaven knows what is best for all concerned, no matter what direction it goes in.

    My advice would be to to act in the place of a friend, loving him no matter who he is drawn towards (Si of Pentacles). You will be the one who must decide that you can or can't support him in a situation where he has someone else. That is too painful for you? Then you should cut the cord.

    While I was typing this I happened to be listening to an old Joy Division song "Love will tear us apart" and I felt like there was some message in there for you. True love will always, always seek the best for the other. He likes this other person, there must be something there that he needs, or desires, and in his world apparently there is room for the both of you. Maybe in your world there is not, well then you would have to decide at some point whether it is in your best interest to maintain this relationship. You aren't going to be able to force him to "choose", I don't think love would do that.

    My suggestion to you is to expand YOUR Universe and imagine other possibilities too, (Seven of CUPS) - this seven is dreaming of other sights than only one. That seems to be the counsel I am hearing. Hey, he has another interest, what about you having another too? Or three? Or more? He can't be the only man that would be a great match for you. You have options, however it is not a healthy direction to start comparing yourself against another, as in he must choose or something that is guarantee way to end whatever good thing you have going now with him.

    That seems to be what I am getting for you right now. I don't think what sign she is a factor, YOU are what is important here, taking care of yourself, keep your own heart clean and clear with him, nothing negative about the situation. Trust Heaven! You can't go wrong no matter what direction matters turn (Eight of CUPS). Keep a magical attitude, play, dance, delight in your life and enjoy the bright blessings you have with him (The Magician).

  • Good morning AstraAngel and thank you once again for your time. I really do want what's best for both of us. I do want what is best for him and for her, actuallly for all of us. I am trusting that everything will turn out the way it is supposed to turn out. It is what it is. I do keep myself open to other men and do believe the right man will come along. And yes, i am enjoying my life with a great, positive attitude, playing with friends and family and dancing (love to dance). I do have a wonderful life and am very blessed and thankful everyday... thanks again for your time and kindness. I will keep you posted 🙂

  • Good evening AstraAngel, hope all is well with you! It has been a couple of weeks since we last communicated. I was wondering if you could do another reading for me. I am still friends with the Libra man and only friends. I have put space between him and I. He seems to be the one keeping the connection between us going. My life is good and I am getting out with friends enjoying it. I'm also enjoying time with my family. It's not all about the Libra man anymore. It's been a little funny. The more I pull away the more he trys to stay in contact. Just wondering what the cares say are going on now and in the future.

    Thanks again for you advice, time and kindness... greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • BrightSmiles,

    Hey let's see what shows up for you now...

    I created a little pattern to help dig below the surface of you two. Something is buried here that is not being released. Like something pent up, there is potential and for some reason it is not being actualized. Let's find out why?

    Are you ready?

    Are you sure? 🙂

    1. His conscious feelings toward you right now. TEN OF WANDS. Hot. Like Mt Crack-a-towa hot. He wants you like crazy. A lot of Wands going on (as we shall see) so he has a lot of desire toward you, and you are driving him crazy with this "only friends" thing. Good job. 😉

    2. Your conscious feelings for him - The Chariot - You are running. You like to be chased. No, I take that back. You LOVE to be chased. It is what you live for. Knowing he is out there thinking about you drives you wild. The Chariot also symbolizes matters outside of our control. There is something primal going on here.

    3. His subconscious feelings for you - The High Priestess - You see? He has you enshrined in his heart. He really has something for you deep down, this is about as mystical and love=enchantment as it gets. He has this High Priestess thing for you, and a lot of Wands primal energy associated with that, so be careful wearing long white dresses around him. I am not responsible for what he does then - or how late you two stay up that night.

    4. Your subconscious feelings for him - Five of Wands - Okay, now we see what is happening. You are reflecting back the same wand and mystic love thing he has for you. So you are sending him CONSTANT SIGNALS to chase you, and that are you are wild about him! Not consciously though, subconsciously. So you aren't even aware of what you are doing. So you "think" you are "only friends", when deep down you are sensing his passion for you, and you are sending him all of the right trigger responses back on a subconscious etheric level - energy to energy. About the only way you are going to be able to stop the progression of this relationship now is to move to another town or something.

    5. His conscious desire toward you Four of Wands - I am telling you this Libra has you square in his sights. This is a card of accomplishment and success so he sees the two of you soon lighting off like a Roman Candle. Has he shared any of this with you? Do you have a good fire extinguisher in your home?

    6. Your conscious desire toward him - Nine of Pentacles - A materially comfortable and secure life. Contentment. Plenty. Peace on earth, or at least in your back yard. Consciously you are wanting a nice, respectable little relationship, rather prim and proper. As we shall soon see, your subconscious doesn't give a flip about that Pentacle nonsense and you are after one things, and one thing only.

    7. His subconscious desire toward you - Six of Wands - That is like the four of wands, with an afterburner. So his consciousness is coming into align with his subconscious. He will be all over you soon. I guess you could still be "just friends" while climbing all over each other, how's that?

    8. Your subconscious desire toward him. The ACE of SWORDS. This says a lot. Deep down you really want to start something with him. This card is like, you need to go grab him and head for a jungle somewhere... get naked and do the hubi-jubi and get in touch with that very primitive part in each of you. Think about it BrightSmiles...he's a Libra, so he is dealing with all of this life must be balanced and stable... (boring)... so deep down he is longing for something, well, wild! And you are sending him these signals that you are the purveyor of said wild thing, and he practically feels like you two are already married.

    9. Where the two of you are headed - the Seven of Pentacles - making a choice - I believe it will be a choice of which jungle, which setting, and how far away from the next village so you don't wake them up. That sort of thing. You two are arranging the perfect "Wild Thing" relationship!

    Do you see? It isn't the conscious desires and attitudes that are shaping our relationships, it is the subconscious. At night, when you dream, you are dreaming of him, and he is dreaming of you. And even subconsciously your spirit energy (like an "angelic half" of you) is interacting with him, working things out, loving on each other. Then your conscious life gets signals as to what steps to take. And sometimes that can lead down some twists and turns.

    When I saw that Ace of Swords pop up I knew the both of you have some secret life you are wanting to explore with each other, very hot. And this is surely a heavenly romance is what I am seeing.

    The "just friends"? Not buying it. How do I know? You mentioned too many times about how you were "putting distance" and "just friends" and then "pulling away" from him... those are very defensive statements, which tells me deep down you are hiding (consciously) from your feelings for him. You like him more than a little. There is a connection between you too and you feel it.

    You want to have some fun with this Libra? And help relieve him of all of that pent up "balanced at all costs" frustration? Show up at his house in a some insane, long white priestess dress, and white chiffon wrapped around your head, with a candle in one hand, and bottle of wine in the other, and ask him would he like to go with you to worship the new moon?

    It'll be fun... and you can still be "friends" the next day! 🙂

  • Thank you AstraAngel for your reading! Unfortunately the Libra man and I have come to a complete halt with our friendship. No more friendship, no more anything as of this morning. It was an easy decision to make and I actually feel at peace with it. What happen was the final straw on the camels back for me. I finally feel like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. Hope this makes sense.

    So with that said, what do you see for me in the future. I am really looking forward to the future and everything it has in store for me. I hope to meet my Knight one day soon.

    thanks again for everything... 🙂 You have definitley helped me and guided me in the right direction.

  • Good morning AstraAngel... I haven't heard back from you so I am hoping everything will well. I have not spoken with Libra man and feeling good still about the decision. You mentioned in an earlier post about cutting the cord. I did it. It had become this back and forth type of friendship. I finally realized he could only be my friend when he had nothing else go on that he wanted to do. The friendship was on his terms only. Took me a while to get it, but I finally did. You ha also mentioned in an earlier post to write... I have been and going back and reading what I had wrote also opened my eyes as to what type of friendship this had become. Not a healthy one for me at all.

    Anyways, I hope you are doing well and wanted to give you an update as to where things are. If you could share with me what you see going forward I would appreciate it....

    Thank you again for your time and kindness! 🙂

  • Hi BrightSmiles

    Well I am proud of you for taking a stand there in that "friendship". I can see you did the right thing, and I am certain all will ultimately work out beautifully not only for you, and for him also! The Universe is wise like that, I sometimes wonder that we are thrown together in the relationships.... to learn something important, and sometimes that something important can be "taking care of yourself first and foremost!" I am a big believer in that. And I can tell you are doing well in that area, very impressive.

    We'll try a Celtic Cross to see what is coming up for you!

    1. Significator - The Fool - well, look out is all I can say! A new start in love is my guess and you have the opportunity to be a fool for this love. I believe you are ready, all that you have experienced has prepared you for this and I see this as a beautiful new start and actually a totally new life! It is that impressive. Advice - those little thoughts that won't go away, the "what if's" and the "wouldn't it be nice"? Yep. That's heaven. Keep your ears perked for these little hints and tips right now.

    2. Your situation at this time - Ace of Pentacles - well, the "new starts' just keep coming for you Bright Smiles! This Ace speaks to your material life, your security and home situation. Something very new coming there as well, and I see this as evidence of your strong inner development work. You are FEELING more secure for a very good reason - you have worked hard to establish your foundations, and you ARE more secure as a result. Expect this trend to continue. Also expect some nice surprises too, something new coming into your life, like a nice gift or something, it will mean a lot to you.

    3. Crossing the situation - The Nine of Swords - I saw you get up last night, it was late and the thoughts came again. What does this mean I heard you ask the wind? I will tell you what it means, it means you are maturing and showing how strong you are. It takes great strength to face the onslaught of fears at times, and yet you come out stronger for it anyway. This cars sees you sitting in bed - and you are laughing about something that strikes you funny. You look so happy. This card I see as a sign of congratulations - The Universe has seen your steps and the thoughts you have wrestled with and you get a big thumbs up from above. It wouldn't hurt to take a nap once in a while. You are beautiful to heaven when you are asleep.

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - The Knight of Wands - well, there he is Bright Smiles! Your future companion, and he is a fire starter! He is out there for you. Even now your hearts are already connected thought you may not have even met yet. YOU know what you are wanting in a healthy, mutually-supportive relationship, and HE wants the exact same thing as you. This is a great and very encouraging sign in your love life. I would keep anything flammable away from him though. Hot.

    5. Recent difficulties in the past - the Four of Wands - this card falling in this place tells me you really your hopes pinned on something that simply did not work out. Was this the man you now have broken ties with? Could be, whatever it is was something you wanted to believe in with all of your heart. It did not pan out the way you thought it would. The good news? This also points to a REAL wish that will come to pass down the road a little, and this time it WILL work ... nicely!

    6. Last of the present - The WORLD card - wow. You are coming off of something that was really a big deal for you. One moment you were on top of the world, next it felt like the world was turning under you and you were feeling a little off balance. I am getting the same message here as I received on the Four Wands - this is also a peek at something very strong and real coming up that will rock your world - in a sweet way. 🙂

    7. First of the Future - coming up quick - the TEN of CUPS - wow, wow, wow! This, together with the Ace of Pentacles, The Fool, and the Knight of wands says look out, and get ready, because something major is coming in your love experience, the energies for this are incredibly strong with you right now, I can feel like an electricity in you as I type this. Advice - repeat these two words until you can say them without crying. "I do."

    8. Future environment - The TEN of WANDS - this card stopped me. Oh I see! This is picking up the Four Wands thing that didn't work out and in the strongest possible language that heaven can offer the message is This Four will turn into a Perfect Ten due to your patience and trust. This is an amazing prophecy for you, your future environment that you will be stepping into will be so fulfilling and SO YOU. It is what you have longed for and it makes your name that much more brighter.

    9. Outer influence - the people around you and their views of you - The FIVE of PENTACLES - this is a sign that others may feel a little left out as your new life unfolds. That's okay, you can always invite them over for chocolate chip cookies and milk later. They will understand. Bring extra cookies too. You could end up with a house full.

    10. Your hopes and sometimes ...fears. The FOUR of PENTACLES - This relates back to the home and security issues that are important to you. This FOUR is all about foundations, and you are such a big believer in the foundations of your relationships and all of your life being well-grounded and solid. It has to be that way! You have known this intuitively for such a long time... it is only recently thought that you became aware of that part of you. And that part of you is solid now. (More applause from heaven).

    11. The Final Outcome - The Eight of Swords - Finally, at last, thank goodness, thank you Heaven, thank you ANYTHING out there! You are set free from whatever it was that was a prison around your heart. The lady in this card is standing there, knowing she can walk away any time she wants to from the past. And a part of her is enjoying the thrill of knowing that she CAN do that... whenever she wants. This is the card that says confidence to me so strong about you. (And this time it is a standing ovation from Heaven!)

    Bright Smiles and Hazel Eyes, I cannot say how beautiful this reading was for me as i was seeing your life. I am in tears.

    I am a real cry baby. 🙂

    Keep going as you are, you are doing well and have SO MUCH to look forward too. 🙂 Very bright indeed.

    P.S. You can see how some of these cards tied back to the earlier reading, so you can study that and see the correlations should that be of interest to you. For example the Four of Wands showed up in point 5 in the other reading, so this tend to say to me that you did have a lot riding on that situation. You are up for 'better'. 🙂

  • Good evening AstraAngel... hope all is well with you! It has been a few weeks since I have had any contact with Libra Man. We saw each other last weekend from a distance, but neither one of us approached each other or said hello to each other. Fine by me... as I know he has had a way in the past of pulling me in and I no longer want to be pulled in by him into the one way friendship it had become. I have really been focusing on me, my wants and my needs. Spending lots of time with familly and close friends. I am truly enjoying my life and the way I am choosing to spend it with people who are very important to me and I know I am very important to them.

    Well... to my surprise I get a text from Libra man today... actually right before writing to you. I was supposed to be going to a function tonight with some friends that he was also going to be attending. His text read... "Hey, r u going to say hi to me tonight or are you going to ignore me like you did last week at Jan's" Hmmm... I didn't feel like I ignored him. I just didn't want to start a conversation or anything up with him again. I also didn't feel like he ignored me. I just felt like we have chosen to take a different path.

    Now... i don't know what to do about this text he sent me. I don't want to start up the conversation and hanging out again. It's not going anywhere and I know that. Or should I say it's not going anywhere that I want it to go or wanted it to go in the past. I have accepted that and I am moving on. I don't want to be his friend of convenience when his out of town friend isn't around. I have taken a firm stand on this issue and had been strong with my decision.

    What is going on??? Why am I hearing from him now and why again??? What are the cards saying???

    Thanks again for your time AstraAngel... it is always truly appreciated and a pleasure hearing from you! 🙂

    Many Blessings to you!

  • Hey BSAHE

    When i first saw this question about the text, my first immediate reaction was that you should do nothing, don't respond. I am surprised he is trying to control the dialog like that, for a libra especially they are usually well balanced and calm. My other thought was that he might be dealing with some self-image issues and is a little scared and reaching out to you for validation or something.

    I don't think it is appropriate at all what he said.

    Page of swords - I would not respond via text. Let it rest and let him cook. Should you desire to respond at all, send him a postcard that says whatever you want to say. I would not let him control the texting venue. Change venue and then he can't take control. It doesn't sound like you want to deal with him anyway, you could simply ignore it all together, that may be best.

    Knight of Pent, Ace of Pent, Ten of Wands, and nine of cups

    He is really wanting to start something up with you again (knight plus the Ace) however he has a lot of internal baggage (ten wands) and his goal is love (nine cups). His heart is in the right place though (Six wands), deep down, he is wanting ( justice ) over some issue and feels compelled to try and force a dialog. Remain quiet and pray and turn the whole matter over to God.

  • Good morning AstraAngel... Thanks for the response and guidance. That's exactly what I did nothing. Did not respond. Yesterday afternoon I met up with a girlfriend and we went to listen to some Blues music and when we walked in Libra man was sitting by himself. We passed his table he did say hello or shall I say he said hey. We said hi and kept moving. He never came and talked to the large group of friends. When we all got up to dance he sat there with a smirk on his face. I do have to admit it was sad to see him like that. Makes me wonder who the real Libra man is! When we all left we all said goodbye and he stayed behind. I realize after 8 months of hanging out with him I truly don't know who he is and I don't think he truly knows whe he is either... The hard part for me is I feel mean and I am not a rude or mean person. This is all new to me to ignore someone, but I do know in the long run it is for the best!

    It's all in God's hands and I am praying like you recommended... It's still is hard though!

    Thank you again for your guidance and wisdom... 😉

  • Hi AstraAngel... Hope all is well! I have continued to ignore the text from Libra man. Now he has called. After about the fifth call from him without leaving a message I answered the phone. I asked him what was up... He wanted to know why I was ignoring him and why I didn't respond to text. Told him I had no response as I didn't feel I was ignoring him. He could have come up to me just as easily and said hi. His response was I told him to stay away. I told him I am never mean or rude, but there truly isn't a reason to continue on the path we have been on. We chatted for a few moments about him and his life. When I hung up I realized he never once asked me about work, my family, my new baby grand daughter or anything that is important in my life. I can't go there again with this man. He drains the positive energy from me. What the heck. I have also learned that ifi give him a little of my time he wants more. He has now called me twice today. What is going on with this man? He is still waiting for ex girlfriend who lives out of town I havebeen tld by mutual friends. I am NOT going to be the stand in and I have made that very clear to him. I don't need or want guy friends. I want a loving trusting relationship with a man.

    I know this will all workout the way it should, but would greatly appreciate knowing your thoughts.

    Many thanks to you and many blessings also!

  • Hi BrightSmiles

    I can't believe this guy. Why is he treating you like this? AND he has an ex-girlfriend waiting on the sidelines as well? I can draw some cards however I know that I would steer clear of him. You are not feeling positive energy around him? Then he needs to be quarantined.

    What is going on with him?

    Ten of Wands - he is weighed down with something, I think life in general has this guy so stressed out he is taking it out on anyone, and since you are in range I think he is wanting to control the relationship to give him a sense that he still has some authority over the Universe or something. Make sense? So you are totally doing the right thing by refusing to play his little games. Maybe his career and some fractures in his personal life over the recent past has left him very scared, and like a wounded animal he is apt to bite the hand that tries to feed him. So don't feed him. Call the dog pound. I would block his number and let him stew.

    Should it turn out to be Heaven's will that for some reason you two will be together it will happen in a sweet way, not like this.

    Best advice for you:

    Eight of Cups. - Move on.

    You will find that relationship you truly deserve, in the divine right timing, keep the faith and continue to protect yourself and your heart as you are doing. Good job!

    Love and peace, astra

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