What do i do? Heartbroken.

  • Hi everyone...

    My birthday is Nov 4th 1984. Ive been dating this guy for about 7 months, his birthday is sept 10 1985. it took me sooooo long to let my guard down with this guy...(hes a virgo, and im sure most people know the difficulty that comes along with virgo's). Well i let it down and everything was wonderful. He never pushed me, never rushed things...and me who has trust issues really appreciated this. Anyways, things have been falling apart for a few months now. Its been a long distance relationship for the past 3 months and he went from texting and calling all the time, being really sweet and making me feel missed...to barely even talking to me. I went to visit him this past weekend ($500 plane ride to go see him)...and i was so dissapointed. We went camping and with some liquid courage, he did open up a bit and explained how he knows he acts like he doesnt care and that he does really care about me, he just is at a crossroads and doesnt know what to do about anything. Fair enough.,...anyways, my last day there...he wasnt feeling well and literally spent the whole day in bed. As the day went on i got more and more upset...finally confronted him on stuff and explaining how i was hurt because its my last day there and he couldnt be bothered to do anything for me. It turned into me blowing up and him not even talking to me |(he is the WORST at communicating). I broke up with him and he just let me go...no fight, no trying to change my mind etc etc, Ive been home for 2 days now and seem to be going through 5 min spans of balling my eyes out because i love him and feeling like i messed things up, and being so angry that he couldnt be bothered to show me he cares. I just dont know what to do. I am devestated after letting my guard down and putting up with months of his bullshit. The face is though, i love him. and i DONT want to let him go. Advice/readings/insights.....anything would be greatly appreciated. thanks for listening.

  • Well I can't really do much except for empathize and bump this thread up to the top so you've got a better chance at getting someone who can actually help to reply here, hmm?

    Anything else I say would not really be helpful to you, but I can at least do this.

    So... Bump!

  • thank you

  • Hello missashley84, the one thing about us Scorpio's is that yes we do tend to overreact at times, because we do not tolerate crap and won't let our heart that knows how to love, get stepped all over on...but then on a personal level, think about this: "Would you have treated him the way he has treated you? (camping? liquid courage or not?) After all if he is really interested in you, shouldn't he show you and not just tell you? making love does not proove it! Yes, you appreciate the patience he provided while you pushed him back, ask yourself this...is his being, the kind that you would be totally happy with?... quality and fault altogether? From what I see... he is not for you. He is too young and foolish in caracter for you and you will eventually get even more pissed off with him, he has lots to learn and you just won't have the patience for his little ailments. I see a man older then you...maybe 6 to 8 yrs older....he wants to treat you like a princess, you have a hard time accepting and you need to open up. take care and good luck! I will check in...

    A broken heart is what it is, heal yourself and let go cause you're gonna have to make room for the real thing!


  • I agree with ScorpWolf. It may be hard to hear, especially if you're usually the type to fight for your relationship. I had a similar problem with a capricorn (I guess those earth signs just aren't the best at communication) and I loved him to death but he kept being more and more distant... after a while you realize that even if you dedicated everything you have to finding a way in, that person is just not what you need. You need someone who loves you in a way that you are compatible with, that CAN be open with you. Not to mention, long distance 9 times out of 10 will strain things horribly. I hope the best to you, and for him, perhaps try to maintain a friendship if he is willing to open up that much or the two of you can handle it. The only real advice I have is give it time and hopefully you will realize he's not the one for you, and you'll find someone who is.

  • i appreciate the advice so much and i know you're right, but my heart just can't let go. I love him....but i guess in time that too shall pass right? Just wish it didnt hurt so much in the process. Thanks ladies.

  • missashley84... It is absolutely vital for us Scorp's to love...love you and all that you are first and foremost! and that broken heart will dissapear! 😃

  • Well said ScorpWolf. 😉

  • Hi missashley. I just read this. I can relate how are you doing?

    The feeling is horrible when you love someone so much. I can say this has happened to me twice before. The first time. I stayed in bed a couple days cried a lot. Some days were bad some were ok and bearable. Some were good.

    I read a lot watched funny movies anything to take my mind off of him. I thought I would never get over him. Ha well that was 3 years ago .. I can look at him now and feel nothing. What a relief. I never thought it would happen. I am actually glad im not with him..

    Now I have a different situation. It hurts I have to just deal with it each day. I try to read up on what I am feeling and keel busy when I can.

    I like closure and to understand things.. right now I don't and iam very sad.but I do know I will get some relief in time and it wont hurt aa much.

    This sitehas helped so much! I read a lot of threads and I try to give advice too. It helps take my mind off of my situation..

    Let me know how you are doing 🙂

  • Tears are made for shedding pain...it is not a sign of weakness, it's power...the power of healing.

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