• Can you please give me compatibility insight on my daughter & her ex husband? She is 10/26/82 he is 12/18/80 It's a wonderful life ~ Love & blessings ~D

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  • Hi Dmick59

    I will share what I can see...

    She is a Scorpio and he is a Sagittarius.

    Her Venus is in Scorpio (her Sun), and his Venus is in his Sun sign, Sagittarius, on the cusp between Sag and Scorpio. This sounds like the love expressions would have been compatible. They both have Pluto (transformation) in Libra, very close to one another. This could have been educating them both on the justice area of life, what is right, they held high expectations of one another. Sags can be very physical about love. She is a Scorpio, and that is a very powerful, mysterious sign. She may be wanting the relationship to head into some uncharted waters that she wants to navigate, he may have been reluctant.

    Her Mars is in his Sagittarius, so there could have been some jostling for masculine authority in that sign. His Mars is in Capricorn, so he is confident and collected in his masculine energy, or likes to think so anyway. Some turbulence here could have resulted.

    Her moon is in Aquarius, so there are some trippy emotions there. His moon is off by itself in Taurus, so he may tend to keep the emotional realm under more control.

    Also, this is significant, his Chiron is very tight on his moon, so there is something broken here from his upbringing perhaps. I am guessing that he had some trouble expressing his emotional side and she was struggling to find him there in her more exotic emotional state. Maybe this resulted in the breakdown of the connection between them. She carries a very transcendent emotional nature, he simply was not along for the ride.

    The initial connection was around the Venus energy that resides in each of their Sun signs, they both felt it and bang they were off... her emotional needs are much more profound than his, and that was unsustainable for her.

    The Tarot says...

    A card for her - THE FIVE OF SWORDS

    A card for him THE TWO OF CUPS

    So, she is being illustrated by the Universe as something adjusting intellectually, a philosophy, her inner concept of her life, was undergoing transformation in the relationship. She was really the one scrambling for a better understanding of love and true relationship. He is much more "just the two of us" mindset, so she had some real trouble trying to communicate back to him about her emotional needs. His view of relationship is simpler model, they were a couple, what more is there to talk about! 🙂

    Peace and LIght to you Dmick.

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  • This post is deleted!

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