Ascending Sign Your True Self

  • So, I read in ancient astrology the Sun sign was considered far less important than we consider it today. The Sun represented our father and who he is and what he was doing around our birth. It blew me away when I really thought about it.

    Your ascending sign is suppose to be YOU. FANTASTIC hah!


    I am a Sag Sun conjunct Neptune (nearly exact). Sag men have been known to be cheaters (think of the god Jupiter) and Neptune is the artist who can't handle too much responsibility. Both Sag and Neptune have been known to have drinking problems. My dad was messing around when my mom was pregnant. My father is an artist who pays the rent by being a BAR MANAGER! He has liver problems from hitting the bottle too much!

  • Interesting....I'm a gemini/taurus father is a cancer sun sign but he is very outgoing socially (well, he used to be a people person...he has dementia now though) ascending sign is Libra ...and I do have lots of Libra traits.........

  • Hi,

    Very interesting! And I found out that Astrology is considered " the first recognized science "!!!

    Astronomy being the second.

    So, my ascendant is Taurus ( Scorpio sun ).

    Well, aren't Taureans ( among many other admirable traits ) considered stubborn and, here's the big one for me, LAZY...?!?!

    Wow, I cannot believe how really downright lazy I can be!!! I have had to laugh about it!

    Hmmmm...this could explain a lot! LOL!


  • hmmm this is very interesting.

    my father is a gemini, and for the most part he seems to fit most of the gemini characteristics, but i've noticed that he is extremely withdrawn, or at least has been for most of his life. (he's stayed in his shell for quite a long time, seemingly cancerian.) i've also recently noticed that he's also very sensitive to nature, and animals, he seems to attract them when he's out in the wild. they seem to just accept him as a part of nature, and not as something separate. it seems like that would be more of a cancer trait than that of a gemini.

    i am a cancer, but i feel very very very in touch with my cancer sun and moon, being extremely intuitive, spiritual and sensitive. but i can say that i do feel that libra rising is a decent description of what i can be like. i read somewhere that the rising sign is what others perceive you as-- more like a first impression, or maybe a not-so-close friend might see you as. and your rising sign can also affect your appearance, which i think is extremely interesting .

    i'm sure that from the outside i seem very sure of what i'm doing, that i've got all the plans laid out and that life is very well balanced for me, all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted-- sort of person. in reality, deep inside i have just given up to the force that seems to propel the good that comes of my life. i don't seem to be very good at organizing, and i'm more of an all or nothing sort of person, but you do have to find the balance in life between all those all's and nothing's.

    physically, i would say i have the physique of a libra-- libra being ruled by venus the female planet, and also being bent on equal perfection-- i am definitely a woman. not big breasted or large hips or anything like that (which is also funny because cancer women are supposed to have svelte breasts or something) but very perfectly proportioned. i read that libra risings are supposed to have particularly lovely faces. which i'm sure people would consider my face to be lovely. but this brings me onto the next topic.

    i have a mole or beauty mark or whatever you want to call it, on my cheek just a bit above and to the left of my mouth. well actually it's two moles. one bigger mole and one smaller mole to the right of the larger mole. once when i was getting a haircut when i was little, the lady told me,

    "oh how adorable, your big mole has a sattelite!"

    and what exactly is the moon??? a very large sattelite to the earth.

    so i am i cancer or libra? definitely cancer, i think, but with definite libra influence.

  • never thought of it like that. my sun is leo but yeah I think most people are surprised when they know it. because to them I fit more to scorpio, cold and cruel. well at least they believe a scorpio does all that. scorpio is my ascendant though. I don't have much of leo trait aside from I love myself and I don't want to be ignored by my loved ones. I don't care about everybody else. I am vengeful, far from shiny leo personality. as I grow older I become softer but I still like quietness and solitude rather than spotlight. I don't have that mane thing people always call 'mark of a leo' my hair is always straight and limp, takes a long time to style it.

  • wow really inresting

  • Dear Lepapillon,

    The Sun, Moon and Ascendant form what astorlogers call the Primal Triad; you can't fully understand one, without taking into account the other two (as well as otther sign/house placements and the aspects between them). The Sun represents your individuality, what makes you tick; your Ascendant is the mask you wear for the world (and to a great extent for yourself, for it serves as a sort of protective mechansim.). It's the you that you want to projecct to the world. The Moon represents your emotional nature, where you are truly yourself; it is the result of your family background, your karma, your genetic inheritance. These are all aspects of who you are. We human are complex creatures. No single astrological configuration is ever going to explain all of you in all your glorious complexity.

  • I dont know about that...

    My sun is in Leo, and my Asc. is in Virgo.

    Gotta say, sometimes can see the Virgo in me (shy, quiet sometimes) but hot darn, I would be lieing if I said I like it. lol

    And My hair has always been frizzy and my co-workers joke and call it a mane. (which does make me look really lion-like, no joke.

    Overall - would say I act more like my moon - a Taurus. lol Can be lazy at times (still a trait of a leo), but stubborn as hell. 😛

  • My sun is in Leo, and my asc is in Gemini. I do have some of the traits bubbly, quirky, fun blah blah blah. I wasn't able to tel until I read it though. I always thought my sun traits shined more . I can be lazy, easy going, also. my moon is in taurus like nypheria's so I know all about that stubbornness. lol

  • Interesting. My father is a Taurus and I'm a libra. He is very, talkative and social and laughs alot. I would not say he is very fair or balanced though. I believe his moon sign is in libra but he is very Taurus like.-materalistic, predicable, stable, and dislikes changes. He loves wine and food much like a libra but taurus and libra are both ruled by Venus so that explains the hedonistic tendencies I guess.

    My rising sign is Pisces and people always guess that my sun sign is pisces. I've always identifed alot with charteristics of Pisces people-sensitive, loving, self-sacrificing, love fantasy and imagination. I also hate being forced into doing things, expecially tedious boring things! But at the same time I have alot of libra tendencies too.

  • Question: How do you know what your other two signs are? My sun sign is Cancer, and am on the Gemini cusp (I think). I reallyl do fit a Cancer to the T.

  • Some interesting discussion taking place in here :):)

    @shopgirl318 --- Some similarity here 🙂 I too have a taurus moon and a gemini ascendent but my sun is in pisces :):) Yes, am bubbly, talkative (sometimes), quirky and fun. Getting onto my moon now, yes, I am double lazy (the pisces sun and taurus moon both top the charts when it comes to being lazy), easy-going and STUBBORN to the core. I am emotional (pisces sun) but can take stands when necessary (taurus moon). I am down to earth but still wander off into fantasies. I am realistic and yet can have the most impractical of ideas. Such a contradiction! About the gemini ascendent, I love books more than anything else and keep texts/letters/emails from people just so I can keep going back to them! I can seem very impatient at times but can appear laid-back at others. I guess it's more of a planetary switch.

  • @Amantim --- You'll have to have your chart done to find out the other two signs 🙂 One needs your time, place and date of birth.

  • I am a Libra and so is my father. I have Taurus moon and Sag. rising. I have traits of both but I have always heard that your Ascending sign is the face you show the world. When you read your horoscope you should read your sun and ascending both.

  • Astrodame -- Wherabouts would you suggest I seek this information? Thank you. 🙂

  • My dad is a pisces and he has drinking problems too. and I'm a aquarius with a libra moon and a libra rising and I have physical libra traits like dimples and stuff like that. and I am more too libra then aquarius but when my aquarius comes out it comes out I get weirdly happy and I put on weird clothes and act all weird. I like to dress elegantly and I sometimes like to drink here and there.

  • @Amantim --- I can do it if you don't mind 🙂 Just need ur natal details 🙂

  • Astrodame -- How sweet of you! Thank you! DOB: 06/23/1974 Time: 9:36pm Place: Sharon, PA (Does it matter that I now live in Ohio? Or just the birth?)

    Again, Thank you! 🙂 Is there anything I can do to repay YOU?

  • Oh, that's Mercer County, if that helps. There might be more than one Sharon, PA.

  • Dear Astrodame...are you chart-reading at all?. Could you look at my chart and I'll do yours in exchange.... dob. January 28th 1950, 4.15am , London, UK. Peace and love.

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