Scattered, anxious, on guard

  • Greetings and Sunshine to all!

    I would be most grateful for any insight anyone might have, I have felt "scattered" lately which leads to me being anxious about any decisions or feelings that come up. I also feel like I need to be on guard or high alert. I am having hard time quieting my mind and focusing on any one thing. There are decisions that need to be made and I am not trusting myself to make the right ones. My birthdate, Oct. 3/63, partners birthdate May 19/63

    I am putting this out there to the Universe and asking for guidance on direction.

    Much Gratitude to all for sending loving vibrations to guide me to post.

    Love and Light


  • Please don't allow someone to influence your indecisiveness/try to sway you-- At this time it isn't wise to make a decision. I feel your pressure but if you wait a few more days and stay within those positive vibrations and disconnect from your Main Issue clarity will come. Clarity may come in the form of you doing nothing and just appear or it'll come through your own conscious decision. Either way the answer Will Come -- Promise!--- and you won't feel this pressure swirling around you making you question everything nor will you mis-step.

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