Need advice for Virgo ex

  • I had previously posted in regards to my Virgo Ex. We had known each other a very long time as friends before we dated, then dated for 3 months. The reason the romantic relationship ended is because I showed some jealously and he got really, really mad and told me I blew it with him. He said he never, ever wanted to talk or see me and for me to never contact him again. He said I was "dead to him" and he hated me, etc. Fast forward 5 weeks and he started speaking to me again. There were some items I returned to him and also something (air conditioner) he was going to give me when we together, but I didn't need it then. He called several times to drop the stuff off and even came by, however I wasn't home. We talked on the phone several times and the last few times he told me he was tired of helping people out and then getting used or stabbed in the back (he saw a few girls after we broke up). He confided to me what was going on with his mom's estate and even told me about what was going on with his investment he made. Also told me how he was finally going to take his motorcycle out again.He was making joking around with me about things. Last Wednesday we spoke on the phone for a 30 minutes then I went over there to pick the things up. We spoke in person for another 30 minutes (didn't talk about us). He was very nice just as he was when we were friends. I haven't not heard from him...In everyone's opinion, do you think I will hear from him soon and how do I find out if we can get back to where we were in our relationship? One thing that bothered me when we spoke on the phone last Wednesday is when he said his neighbor put him on her Facebook page. He said she was trying to get him a date. Said she took his picture and gave a shoutout that his birthday was coming up...Do you think he was trying to make me jealous or testing me to see how I would react????

    Btw, Friday is his birthday and I got him a subscription to his favorite magazine and along with a card am going to place some of his favorite treats in the gift bag (chocolate cup cakes, brownie cookies, etc)

  • Socalgal, please don't overdo with gifts. Virgos like the chase, and they are fearful of what they perceive as emotional smothering, such as gifts, jelousy etc. If you really want him to want you, you should practice aloofness and certain detachment. And yes, he definitely wanted to see your reaction / make you feel jelouse with that facebook thing. The only trouble is that once you give him this satisfaction, he'll lose interest. So keep your generous and genuine impulses for yourself, if you want him to be around. The sad fact is that this pattern is very unlikely to ever change - that's how most Virgos are.

  • On Friday I gave him the gift (magazine subscription, etc) and he was very flattered and surprised I remembered his birthday. I ended up staying for five hours and we talked about a lot of things, including what went wrong which led to our breakup. We are friends and always will be. As far as another relationship..I don't know. When I was leaving I asked him if I could give him a hug and he said,"yes". I hugged him and told him,"happy birthday". I left and did not speak with him until today when he called me! 🙂

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