Why Scorpio's Why???

  • Can someone please help me understand why Scorpio's pull away right when things seem to be the best they have ever been? I have been seeing this guy off and on for about 10 months now and about three weeks ago things starting going amazing! We hung out almost everyday for the last three weeks, his entire attitude was better, he seemed more open and happy. Then after a wonderful weekend I didnt hear from him Monday for the first time in weeks and then today when I tried to confirm plans we had to watch a movie he told me to watch it with someone else!! He was laughing when he said it, but I could just feel the attitude in his voice, it was back to how it use to be! What happened? What do I do?

  • You two were just very different and want different things in life - you are a thinker, an intellectualiser who loves order and logic, while your Scorpion wants passion, intensity, impulsiveness and emotion. You would never see things eye to eye.

  • i dont understand captains comment. i dont know that this is a scorpio thing. this happens with a lot of dudes. When they get to open it gets scary so he's pulling back because he feel too open and out of control of the situation...oh wait...maybe that IS a scorpio thing. Just try to be consistant and patient. If he is a healthy person he'll balance himself out soon enough.

  • @MaketheBest
    Being a Scorpio, gotta admit we can be very convaluted and immature. Please excuse our
    Indoctrination 🤙🏽

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