Would like any help possible

  • I lost my job in February and haven't been able to find work yet. I live with my older sister and her family and come to find out that my parents are losing their house and will be moving in with us. I feel the strong need to help support my family, it seems like anything that can go wrong is. and I am stressing about my whole familys well being. I was just wondering if someone had some time, if they could give me a general reading about where life is heading right now for me and how to go about doing the right thing for everyone? Thank you so much for your time.

  • It seems that you are a strong voice in your family...use it, keep looking for work something will come around..maybe not what you want but it'll help, as for your family, when I say use your voice, I mean STAY POSITIVE and remind everyone about it, keep your smile...it warms your mother's heart and the other will smile back. Laugh at the stupid things! Sometimes life has a funny way of bringing people together because the unity is stronger...be the pillar of positive and you'll see the results!


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