OK my turn to ask a question

  • HI fellow posters,

    I wonder would anyone like to do a prediction for me? I am expecting a reply from the authorities regarding a sum of money and I would so love to know if that reply will ever come and if it does will it be in my favour or do I have miles and miles more of paperwork to do?

    Very trivial and irrelevant in this time of disasters but if you don't ask you will never receive.

    HUgs and blessings,


  • Hi Paddi,

    Is this money that is related to an accident of some sort - disability pay, insurance money or something like that? Just want to make sure I am on the right track because I am tired and have a headache at the moment 🙂

    Not sure what the situation is but it seems as though you do not have all the information - like someone is not being upfront with you and even taking advantage of your trusting nature. Be your own advocate and do not just trust what you are being told...be persistent, diligent and mindful of inconsistencies of what is said or done. At best, the person(s) involved is distracted - has too much on their plate - a bit of a scatterbrain which results in unreliability, someone who promises much but does not deliver. At worst you are dealing with intentional deception. Either way, the clear message is untrustworthiness and you need to be vigilant. It's also possible that you need to reassess the situation and get some professional advice or some sort of outside assistance with this - I am being shown a very stern man like a lawyer, but this could just be the attitude you need to adopt. As far as timing it is being shown to me as up in the air right now - you definitely have some work to do here if you want a positive outcome.

  • "Speak Your Truth" Stand up for what you believe in, regardless of the consequences or what others may think. It is time to stand in your own power.

  • Hi Watergirl, thank you for taking the time to reply. The person you are describing sounds very like my husband and I have been doubting some things. The situation is childrens allowance and a bit complicated with dual citizinship of the kids and country of residence/tax. Avtually Kushikumikiba did a general reading a while back and mentioned the deception thing too. I will be alert.

    Oh and did you make those cards yourself? They are fabulous.


  • Actually, to be fair, and Captain can shoot me down, I do not really believe that my husband would be deceiving me, what would be his gain. I am asking my angels to point me in the right direction. I was actually thinking about it this morning and I remember having a discussion on one of Captain's forums with GJay and a few others and there it came up that there was somebody abusing my trusting nature and being deceptive. And that was at the start of the year. I thought I ahd managed to clear those people. It seems not.

    Oh and I drew and Ascended Master card the other day and it said the same as your card Watergirl, it is time to stand on your own two feet, take charge of the situation, be active not passive, have clear intentions.

    But I had to write that I do not think my hubby is deceiving me., at least until the opposite is proved.

    Hugs to you Watergirl and everyone else

  • Hi Sheelagh ,

    I will do you a reading and gmail it to you when i have peace and quiet and can here myself think . So for now i will send an Angel bump for your thread

    Angel bump 🙂

    LOve and Hugs Mags xx

  • Ah, now it makes sense! Your husband may not necessarily have "devious" intentions, but he will absolutely take advantage of your trusting nature and will push the boundaries as far as you will allow. There was a very strong message that you are being too accommodating and need to stand in your power. That doesn't mean things need to be contentious, just that you need to be strong enough to keep him to his word and commitments. Speak up for yourself and don't allow yourself to be a door mat!

    The cards from the other thread that you liked are the Gaia Oracle cards. The "Speak Your Truth" card above is from the Spirit Oracle deck. Both are by Toni Carmine Salerno (an Australian intuitive artist).

  • Thanks Watergirl, I remember telling RC once to stand up for herself and stop being a doormat. Being a doormat keeps conflicts at bay. Time to put the suit of armour on, to learn myself how to say no instead of preaching it to others...

    Pity the bureaucratic wheel is so slow, with reference to my original question, and I do not know if it will ever come through, I did indeed follow my husband's advice against my own gut. Doing it has already cost me more trouble than it is worth.

    Hugs and thanks,


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