Heartbroken...would really appreciate a reading.

  • i just broke up with my boyfriend and i am DEVESTATED. A reading so i have some kind of perspective into how he is feeling would be awesome....and maybe if its going to work out eventually?

    my bd is - Nov 4 1984 his is - sept 10 1985

    thanks so much

  • Hi MissAshley84

    Let's take a look...

    You are a Scorpio (strong, hot energy), He is a Virgo (kind of mysterious and cool). He also has his Mars in Virgo, so his masculine expression is likewise otherworldly. Your Venus is in Scorpio so your emotional and love needs are a lot more intense than his. That could be part of the issue. You two are kind of opposites in a way, you are the hot, he is the cold. So some nice complementary energy there, could work. His Venus is in Leo so he sounds like he would be a very down to earth and warmhearted in how he expects love. Your Mars is in Capricorn, so you are very much a planner-success mind in the way you express your love. You want the relationship to really work (Capricorns do not like to give up!) and he is wanting to receive your love (Leo), however, your emotional needs are centered in your Sun sign of Scorpio so you could be missing something there that you are not receiving, and that might indeed be the issue. he senses it and is trying to open out some space between you to work through that. Virgos are very perceptive and intuitive. You simply want life and your relationships to work, and you struggle at times to understand the disappointments.

    Let's take a look at the Tarot and see what is going on...

    THE TOWER - something is being tested in any case. The relationship is having the heat turned up on it... let's see what happens!

    JUSTICE (reversed) - There is a rebalancing of the scales here, and this energy is turning right now. Something is changing in this relationship that has to do with fairness, balance, re-establishing harmony. Right now my sense is that the relationship is only being adjusted and you both could come through this nicely. I think a lot hinges on you being able to communicate your strong emotional needs to his Virgo mindset in a way that he can reciprocate and bring you more pleasure. Talk it out with him.

    FIVE OF SWORDS - your minds are changing toward each other, some adjusting in your own philosophy of this relationship. What brought you together in the first place? You are thinking about these things.

    THE SUN (reversed) - I feel this to be an encouraging sign, the reverse tells us that changes arr occurring now and could develop into a nice resolution for you, THE SUN is a very bright, new baby being born! kind of energy. Do you want a baby with him? This energy could be part of the rift as well... someone is thinking about a baby.

    Or it could simply be a desire for a new start for the two of you "post breakup". Breakups are significant though. Something there that you will want to understand why it happened. Should you get back together, talk over what happened and try to understand.


    THE SIX OF WANDS (reversed) so this is a card of resolution after a period of adjustment in your heart, your inner self. This energy is turning right now, you are learning a lot about yourself, you are becoming more assured about your emotional needs. I will tell you what, I believe this all traces back to your Venus in your Scorpio sun sign, you are coming to terms with that part of you. The way you see yourself emotionally, s e x u a l l y, this dimension of your being is transforming.

    Also, your Moon is in Libra, kind of off by itself, so you have a very, very balanced and just sense of your emotional realm. Your try very hard to maintain a balanced emotional self. This could be a challenge for you at times as you are trying to keep that

    It is possible that your Scorpio Venus is desiring something you are not receiving, and because of this, the Universal Energies are making some adjustments so that your experience of love is much more satisfying. His Moon is in Cancer, so his is a very warm, cozy, milk and cookies kind of love. That is his emotional nature. You could be communicating some love needs to him under the radar, and his cancer Moon may not pick up on it and his Virgo Mars may not want to go there, so the relationship has to take a break while some growth of self understanding can occur.

    PAGE OF PENTACLES - Pages are willing to take a risk, this could be coming back around where you both want to keep pushing on together. This page speaks to physical conditions though, a security situation that may need to change.

    Will it work out eventually?

    THE EMPEROR (reversed) - One part of your inner self, what drives you, is very strong. I think it again goes back to that Venus Scorpio placement. There is need for some balance here, and then matters could get back on track in this situation.

    SEVEN OF PENTACLES - and imagine the possibilities, this tells me that as long as you both are imagining something wonderful for the two of you, a deeper relationship! Something nice, that energy will manifest as a resolution for you.

    I hope that helps! Or at least gives you some ideas as to what to explore more.

  • thanks so much for that, ill read it more in depth when im not racing off to work....but from the jyst of it....this may be only temporary??

  • sorry to bug you...was just wondering if theres any way to pick up what he is thinking/feeling about the breakup and how things happened? He hasnt talked to me in 4 days now and it takes me back to the exact reason i broke up with him (he never shows me he cares about me, even after i spent $500 bucks to go visit him up north last weekend). I thinnkin knowing he is thinking of me, and about our relationship would be a great help in dealing with this. Of course, my scorpio nature is just dying to push him into talking to me about things, but the other side is i am so hurt, and would feel like a fool to reach out to him when i know he probably wouldnt even respond. I have been praying for some sort of clarity or a sign or a dream.....but have received nothing and usually im extremely intuitive....for some reason though i cant read him. Thanks for the help, it really is greatly appreciated!

  • missashley84,

    I agree, I believe it is temporary! As long as you two are meeting halfway and no one is sensing some out of balance, you two are simple maturing in your relationship - how nice is that!

    As for how he is feeling and thinking about the breakup, let's take a peek...

    The Ten of Wands - He has reached a place where he is not growing in his question of identity. He may be ready to allow the relationship to enter a new phase. He is ready to find meaning in the "we" rather than the "me". Whatever it is, he has reached a point where he is finished and ready for new. He has been carrying a load.

    The Fool (reversed) - The Fool is an energy of taking chances in love, and this energy is turning very strong for him right now. I believe he is pondering taking some steps with you that are risky, however he has taken chances before.

    The Nine of Pentacles - This sounds like home, security issues to me, he is considering a home life. He is exploring what a life with you looks like.

    The Six of Swords - A cycle has been entered into, after an intellectual or life concept that had to be adjusted. His intellectual, philosophical position has entered a steady pattern, which is trustworthy. Sixes also portend travel. A journey to be made.

    Two of Cups (reversed) - a emotional choice is in the decision phase, he is affirming his heart's path.

    Page of Pentacles - he is considering a physical change with you in mind. It is a risk, however he is willing to take a chance. He has a dozen or two reasons to say no this new material direction, however he has a hundred trillion reasons to say yes.

    Death (reversed) - An emotional, inner transformation is taking place in him. Something new is being born as something old is fading.

    All of this culminates with the King of Wands, so the ten finally enters the place that he knew was always there, just around the next bend.

    And the Knight of Swords - this Knight is focused on attaining one goal.

    I believe, to be with you.

    missashley84 I hope that helped... he is going through a lot of changes for sure. You should reach out to him, let him know you understand his position in the relationship. You spent $500 on him and he never shows he cares for you? What would happen if you didn't spend a penny and showed him you cared.. deeply... he might like that, and that could turn everything around for you. Bring him a little something you found that has meaning for you, and you didn't spend anything on.

    ALso, I am looking at your chart again, we'll see what else we can find and ket you know.

    Wishing you a wonderful resolution in this matter...

  • missashley84,

    I looked at your chart over laid with his, and one thing that keeps jumping out at me is how your Chirons are very close together in Gemini. And, your north nodes are near together also in Taurus. The Chiron Gemini key, a communication issue at an early age perhaps? Maybe something happened which did not allow a healthy, uninhibited expression to develop, maybe you were not heard when young. Do you have any issues trying to communicate with each other? That could be something to look at. With your life paths close in Taurus it sounds like something nice could develop there in a shared sense of life paths coinciding.

  • oh my gosh, your reading on him sounds like everything to a tee. its been a long distance relationship for the past 3 months and its definatly been hard on me. Hes gone from making me feel very missed to not even cared about. then when i went to see him last weekend, he did open up a bit about his fears and what not, but then my last day there, he basically watched tv all day and i exploded in anger. i tryed to get him to talk to me about it but all he could say is "i dont know what to say". So i ended it. Then his last words to me at the aiport were "Take care, maybe we can work this out when im done with this job". I havnt heard from him for 4 days now. I just needed him to open up to me and let me know he cares, and misses me, and he couldnt. I feel like because of my outburst, i pushed him away...and while EVERYONE is telling me to move on, that i deserve better etc etc, i cant. I guess its the scorpio in me...So you're spread basically told me everything i know....because he told me he feels he is at a crossroads in his life, and doesnt know what to do. I guess all i really can do is wait for him to figure it out and hope that he does it soon because...4 days without hearing from him is killing me, and from what ive heard about Virgo's, i may be waiting months! You gave me a glimmer of hope though and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

  • AND YES....you are 100% right with the communication. I have always had the hardest time communicating. I clam up and like to isolate myself and push people away. I find it to be the hardest thing in life, to talk about my feelings. Its unhealthy i know, but ive always been like that....im finding he is the same way, more so now. Early in our relationship if we had a problem, hed wanna talk. Now though, he just shuts me out and ignores the issues. So frusterating!!

  • and sorry, 1 more thing....i want to reach out to him so bad but i feel like its always me lately having to do it. I came all the way up north to see him last weekend and he acted like it was no big deal. Then he just let me go....no trying to change my mind, no trying to talk things out. i just walked off. When he said to me "maybe we can work this out when this job is done", i said " maybe once you figure out a good thing right in front of your face. Figure it out cause i wont be here forever". I feel like ive made as much effort as i can, because everytime i try to talk about us, or make an effort, he just shuts down. Its like i cant win actually....i show him i care and he shuts down, i make no effort and he accuses me of not giving a shit.....so im trying very very hard to stay strong and not text him, im checking my email and phone every 3 mins tho to see if hes contacted me....but nothing still. I just dont know what to do. The waiting is killing me, but if i reach out and he shuts me down, that will kill me to.

  • missashley84

    My heart goes out to you, this sounds like a painful situation. You care for him for sure. Any time you are where your heart is connected to someone and you feel shut out it is painful. However there really isn't anything to do, from what we have looked at the journey is now more on his end.

    Whatever it is that is happening is developing something good in your life. Of that you can be certain. When we find something changing, or breaking apart, or something goes wrong, it is a sign of special developments in your life, that are very important for you. Coming up soon.

    Nine of Pentacles - you are actually in a good situation, whether or not you realize it. Your security needs are taken care of and you look pretty solid materially. I am sensing that your life might have been missing something, and may have been expecting something more from him than he could not supply. People can sense that spiritual quest and there may be a race-instinct to separate from someone we have been connected with when they sense our journey is more aimed at the sky than anywhere else.

    Five of Swords - You are adjusting something in your thinking, your viewpoint about life after this relationship is changing, you are rethinking something. This shows some real soul searching coming away from this break.

    Three of Wands (reversed) - threes are planning, something about your inner self image is solidifying, you are feeling confident in spite of what has happened. Even though the relationship has hit a bump, you are on a personal path now that is developing into something better for you. Your internal view of yourself is strong. Not dependent on outside assessment.

    The Ten of Wands (reversed) - tens are fulfillment, so this is a sign that your self image work is the right path for you. Hug yourself and know that heaven has their arms around you, and they know what it is that you seek. You are loved.

    Ten of Cups (reversed) - This points to the fulfillment of what you have longed for in love, in relationship turning out for you. The words I am getting are, take care of yourself, love yourself first and foremost, know that you are your own best friend, trust that this situation will turn out for the best, and that is exactly what is ahead for you. By focusing on your internal image, and letting the relationship concerns fade a little, you are establishing your strength in the midst of difficulty. See a movie, go for a long walk, play in the tub, (light a bunch of candles too!) anything but dwell on this cup that has been knocked over. It may get filled back up (let's hope so), just in case though, you can't go wrong shifting gears and taking care of yourself.

    The Ten of Pentacles - Three tens in a row, this one also reversed. Tens are all fulfillment and arriving at a comfortable place, mature. This is about security, home, your foundations are strong.

    Queen of Swords - This Queen speaks of maturity intellectually and in communicating, she is very confident and successful. I almost have the sense coming away from the three tens in a row that you are developing something in your life that will result in you being an excellent communicator!

    A lot of times (this seems to be a beautiful design of the Universe) we have some weakness, flaw in our lives that we believe to be blocking us, when they are often blessings in disguise. You face the communication issue, and it sounds like when in an emotional situation, you freeze, or maybe say the wrong thing. So this could be a clue as to your positive path, taking this issue and turning it into a path of study, or self-improvement. Maybe you become an expert on communicating in love effectively?

    I can relate, I can stumble and really be flustered in some situations trying to communicate with others, especially those closest. I think we all carry on a successful internal dialog, its when we have to open up to someone else that it can feel awkward.

    We began with a Sword, and ended with a sword. And in between we have YOU ARE PLANNING SOMETHING and then three TENS in a row... you are really working hard on yourself and your life and then you complete your path as THE QUEEN OF SWORDS a fantastic place to be for you, a master communicator, and so wise for all that you have experienced.

    I see some developements coming for you. The tens seems to show a pattern you are going to put in place, very strong. You keep going as you are. Take that time away for yourself... you may find out how much he loves you and it will be a surprise. Let him be. You are in my thoughts.

  • Astra, sincerely thank you. i could pay you to be my personal advisor? haha. i hope you are right in the fact that he loves me....but i will do what you are saying and let him be. all i can do really. Thanks for the advice and help and everything in between

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