Newbie here, looking for a second interpretation :)

  • I'm pretty sure this spread came across pretty clear, but I'm just getting back into the cards after years... Even so, a second opinion always is nice! I know the basic meanings of the cards, it's getting an entire feel of the spread and putting the combinations together correctly I'm not sure I have totally down-work in progress!

    I used a woven spread (a variation of the celtic cross, each card builds upon and weaves meaning with the previous cards)

    1. Where you are now: Judgement

    2.) What either blocks or supports card 1: Star

    3.) Shows what you should strive to develop: Death Reversed

    4.) Your past: Queen of Pentacles

    5.) What not to do: Emperor

    6.) The future: Temperance

    7.) Indicates your hopes and fears: King of Cups Reversed

    8.) Your environment and the people surrounding you:Hanged Man

    9.) Your attitude/mental state about the reading: Strength

    10.) The final outcome: 7cups

  • Hi royloca, I will take a look at this.

    You have a decision to make, the Star is telling you to aim high.

    You are asked to let something pass that has lived out is purpose, this energy is turning right now, so that is where a focus should be.

    Your past, the Queen of Pentacles, your material reality was/is very secure and working nicely.

    What not to do, sounds like don't try to force anything. Stay calm.

    The future sounds like whatever you decide will provide a nice, flowing balance again in your life.

    Hopes and fears, this King of Cups is indicating something has reached a fulness and can't progress. This is turning, so this along with the Death reversed card really sounds like who or whatever this represents needs to be let go. This could be the decision you are facing.

    Your environment and the people surrounding you, the way others see you is changing, something about your environment sees you in a different light.

    Your attitude, Strength - you have an instinctive drive in this matter, you are swept along by force. that are deep within you. Coming from somewhere higher.

    The Final outcome - this says some new, bright imagining of love (your concept and view of love and emotional life) after a period of predictable six patterns in this area for you. You have been in a relationship/a situation where there has been predicability, the Universe is taking you to some new places. You have to decide though to take the next step, however the really wonderful news is that you will make the right decisions and all will work out nice for you!

    I hope that gives you something to think about!

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