Gemini man - Help needed please ?!

  • I'll try to be as short as possible.

    We've known each other for like 3 weeks and so far he's been all sweet and nice to me. Me on the other side ... well as a Leo I'm a little bit dominant and sometmes aggressive.

    A few days ago he said something that annoyed me, so I reacted really bad to him.

    I tried to bring the things back to what they were, but I think I chased him away and I don't know if he's comming back

    I feel really stupid, and I know It's all my fault ... and the worst part is that I really like that guy.

    I already send him a message, but he never replied back (it's been 3 days now). I don't feel comfortambe to send him another because I don't want to push him too hard.

    What are my best options here. Should I wait for him to contact me now? And is there any chance for me to fix the things without having some serious conversations?

  • Wow...this is a really intersting dynamic as I happen to be Gemini and my other half is Leo. Being in a gemini/leo relationship can be trying at times. Gemini want to the be center of attention and in the middle of the action. If we arent, we bore easily and start looking elsewhere. Just going off the basis of him being gemini and not knowing his personal history (which can affect just how strong the gemini traits are), as early as it was into the relationship, I wouldnt count on hearing back. I'm not trying to be a downer as it sounds like you really did like him, but the thing is that if we feel too dominated, we will run. We are free spirits that like to do as we please and if we are with someone we are there out of choice. When we feel like we are being attacked, we dont stick around long unless there are some major ties to that person.

    If you have already apologized and he hasnt responded, I would suggest that you let it go. If he is going to reconsider anything, hounding him will only make him feel like you wish to dominate him and push him into something, which will only make him run harder and faster. If its meant to be, it will be. I would suggest that you look at the situation, learn from it what you can and look forward. If he comes back, great...if not...there's someone out there better suited to you.

    Best of luck!


  • well , i am a gemini sun with a leo rising. i grew up my leo grandmother taking care of me and also my closest sibling, my older sister, they were pretty cool about giving me my space and not trying to boos me but my older leo brother dominated me all the time and was down right meeeen to me. also i have a really close female leo friend and we have a special relationship .. so it seems to me as long as a leo woman didnt try to dominate me it would be one of the best matches i could get. i am with Seana on this one, but , if you could bust through his wall by doing something wild crazy sexy and take him by surprise , blow him away ! it will work to get him back as long as he can trust you wont be dominating. at least it might get your feet back in the door for a while. other than that i wouldn't count on anything much.

  • leo power, hows it working out ?

  • Hey @earth windandfire ... Thank you for asking 🙂

    I don't really know what is going on to be completely honest.

    We spent Monday night together and he was the most loving and careful person. He hugged me all nigh long, woke up in the middle of the night just to kiss me, for a moment it was as if we're in a relationship.

    I had much stonger sex drive, while he was more relaxed and just wanted to cuddle and watch movies.

    But then again, he openly shows to me that he has other girls around and he flirts with them too, even though he makes it sound like a joke.

    I don't know where I stand with him right now and as a Leo that makes me extra careful and suspicious. I try to distance mysled from him and to see if he will follow or give up.

    I'm not sure if this is the right approach, because sometimes I have a feelings that he likes me, but my strange behaviour is scaring him away.

    I just don't know how to approach him, without making myslef look to weak or looking as if I'm chasing after him.

    Pffff ... I messed it up again I Guess 🙂

  • Sorry but has he done anything with the girls has around?If he has then dump him, if he wanted to be with you he would be with you only.

  • If your not sure just ask him where you both stand and if he cant handle that then he not worth your time.

  • Well, I wouldn't know that.

    He's constantly trying to make me jealous and I can understand why ... It's just childish.

    And baout talking to him ... We don't know each other that well so I don't feel comfortable to bring that kind of conversation up.

    • I don't want a relationship right now. All I want is to know if he's up to dating me, or he's just after the sex. If I could figure this out without talking to him, that will be the best possible outcome for me 🙂

  • Well then why dont you ask him and see if he is 'up to dating you' then?

  • and if you want to know if a guy is after sex and your doing it with them then dont have sex with them and if thye stop 'seeing' you then they were after sex, also ask your intuition and see wha that tells you but for this you must just be honest with yourself and accept whateveranswer comes to you whether it was the answer you were seeking or not. Intuition is always 'right' even though we may not like the answer.

  • Look LeoPower, if hes constantly trying to make you feel jealous then why even be with him.

  • See the main problem ... he is well-aware of the fact that many girls want to date him and be with him.

    If I ask him to date or start with the serious talk, I will just become one of those girls ... and I don't really want that to happen.

    I guess that I have two options:

    1. Ignore him and wait to see how he reacts to me not giving him attention

    2. Being completely impulsive and invite him for a night out ... see how he reacts to the idea of spending time togther, without sex being involved.

    Which one would you go with?!

  • I would go with number two.

  • whats behind door #3 ? lol

    i think if he has a lot of girls that are attractive and chasing or wanting him then you have no chance of having him just to yourself unless he is ready for a commitment.... in that case # 1 may

    be a good choice then, when he starts feeling rejected you can say its just too hard knowing your dating other girls and see if he brings up the subject of a commitment !

  • Hey guys ... Thank you so so much about your help ... I really appreciate it 🙂

    And about the guy in question ... I learned today that he has done sth like that to other girls. Made them feel special, acting like tham as in in a relationship and then just .. puf ... droped them out.

    So I just decided to ignore him and instead of sitting around and wandering how to make him feel special about me ... i could just go out there and find someone who will suit me better 🙂

    Thank you one more time (hugs)

  • Well then for your sake and his I hope you do. How anyone can deliberately ignore someone to get a reaction is so lame. No wonder the worlds stuffed

  • Gemini men like to chase. What happened to you is typical of gem guys when they are young and not ready to commit. They are very attractive and well liked by women and the many choices confuse them. One big problem with a gem guy is lack of focus. He gets distracted so fast. If he says he loves he most probably really do. Women chasing him is a different story. A very curious person, he would check it out which sometimes gets him stuck or in trouble or can't make up his mind as to who he would go after. In the end he loses. Being a twin with dual personality and fickleness is not a myth for a gem. Sometimes they think its a curse. If you focus elsewhere he may come back on his own to try to get you back. But then after the chase you both go through the cycle again until he matures and behaves. A gem is generous and very intelligent. They say he's more brain and less emotions.

  • Gem's are beautiful people, they like the company of other ppl and socialising and are very positive attitude which if your a cap can be rather irritating at times yet they are not deep like other signs but most of all they like variety, someone who is a little 'out there'(off the wall), fun, spontaneity and they give the best massages for some reason. Its all this and more they like being centre of attention and being listened to and if you dont then they throw a tantrum and get sulky and find something else to occupy there minds, they need to be stimulated by many things all at once, are very multitasked orientated. But not very emotional so if you come on strong with your emotions they will run, it just scares them especially if you just met and then expect a full commitment from them.

    Really if you ignore him it will make things worse cause he'll go somewhere else but maybe this is exactly what you want him to do. If your really interested in him why then dont you actually get to know him by asking him out then check and see for yourself how he is in his own way this says more than ignoring him, and will give you more insight as to whether or not you do actually like him or not.

  • Also lifes way too short to be playing games with other ppl. If you like him go for what ever option you think up but remember if you do somethin to try and get a reaction from it will backfire and not turn out how you want it and you could get hurt from your own misguided attempts at controling another. Dont say you werent warned.

  • Crazycap ...I'm leo so my ego is huge.

    I'm not trying to play games and I agree with u that Gem are good people, very funny and so nice to have around. But still , putting the astrology aside ....

    As a woman, I can't start chasing after a man, who already has many girls running after him.

    As someone said before in the comments: No matter what I do or how I do it, if he doesn't like me in a serious way and is not interested in commitment right now ... I just don't stand a chance with him.

    So from my point of view, as a woman and as a ego Leo, if he's interested he'll come after me 🙂

    I'll just give him time to take that decision for himself 🙂

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